Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Review of The Duke Who Came To Town by Sophie Barnes

The third book in the Honorable Scoundrels Series is as wonderful as the previous two.  This novella features the oldest Potter sister Josephine.  She is a splendid heroine, an example of a woman who is determined to make a better life for herself and her sisters.  The men in her family have not been the best at providing for the future.  She is passionate, intelligent and fiercely independent. 

Devon, the Duke of Snowden is doing a favor for a friend. Checking on the Potter sisters to let them know their new guardian is going to support them and help ease their way back into Society. Being a Duke all his adult life he doesn't understand what he said that made her angry and rude.  He just wants to give her money and a new place to live.  

Josephine is livid, how dare he come into her home and demand she accept his money and sponsorship into Society.  She doesn't need any help, especially from an arrogant,  overbearing man, even if he is a Duke.  

Sophie has done it again.  The story of the last Potter sister is a perfect example of why I read Historical Romance.  Witty, Fiesty, Intelligent characters that you will love.  Sizzling romance with hot sexual tension and a love for a lifetime.  I really, really enjoyed this Series and highly recommend Sophie's books.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Review of Once upon a Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt

Once again we are transported back to Maiden Lane and into the lives of the characters that we have come to love.  This Novella tells the story of Mary Whitsun, an orphan who was left on the steps of the Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children in St. Giles.  Mary grew up there and is now a nanny for Lord and Lady Caire's two young children.

One day Mary is in her favorite bookstore when she is pestered by a Gentleman that seems to know her by a different name.  She wants nothing to do with him and leaves as quickly as she can.  Henry was sure that the young lady was his fiancee, she was the exact image of Lady Joanna.  It turns out that Lady Joanna was born a twin and both girls were kidnapped when they were babies, and only one of the little girls were ever found.

Mary cannot believe that she is the long-lost daughter of a lord.  She has lived her life as a servant and considers herself lucky to have a position with a family whom she loves.  She is thrown into the position of a Lady, and she engaged to be married to the man from the bookstore.  As she becomes more sure of herself and spends more time with Henry, she finds that she can be happy if Henry is by her side.

As Henry and Mary get to know each other and spend a lot of time together, they find themselves falling in love. Just as everything is coming together for their HAE someone is trying to kill Mary, she has been shot at twice, the second time her maid was hit in the arm.  Henry is determined to find the culprit who is trying to take Mary away from him. 

As always Elizabeth writes a wonderful story that will pull you into her world that is filled with stunning characters, a plot that is surprising as it is mysterious with a surprising ending.  This novella can be read as a stand-alone.  If you have never read the Maiden Lane Series by Elizabeth I recommend that you start at the beginning.  You will love this Series.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Review of The Earl Who Loved Her by Sophie Barnes

The second book in The Honorable Scoundrels Series is another must read by Sophie.  This story tells the tale of the youngest Potter sister.  Eve Potter has been invited to her friend's house for the Christmas Holiday.  She doesn't want to leave her sister home alone, but Josephine insists that she go.  The Potter girls are living on the income that Josephine brings in, also Louise, the heroine in the first book has left home for a Governess position.  Both sisters are determined to give Eve the Season to that she deserves and will do whatever has to be done it see Eve take her place in Society and find her a husband.

Arriving early and not seeing the carriage that is supposed to take her to Havisham , Eve decides to walk and arrives at the wrong house.  Bryce Harlow the Earl of Ravenworth has no choice but to let Eve spend the night and have her taken to her friends home in the morning.  Eve and Bryce are instantly attracted to each other.  Inclement weather strands Eve at Bryce's house.  Bryce is determined to resist Eve even though his feelings are growing stronger.  Bryce knows that as soon as she finds out about his reputation and why he has been ostracized from his family and society she will leave him alone and with a broken heart.  What he doesn't count on is Eve's belief in his honor and her love for him.

This is a beautiful love story that highlights the strength of the human heart and how fate can change your life.  Eve and Bryce are truly honest and noble characters that you will love.  This is more than just a Christmas Season Novella, it is redemption and life-changing for Eve and Bryce.  Sophie has written a superb novella and I cannot wait for Josephine's story.  I highly recommend this book.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Review of The Right Kind of Rogue by Valerie Bowman

This is Book 8 in The Playful Brides Series.  I absolutely loved Meg.  She is my kind of Heroine!  She starts out a Wallflower and turns into a Woman who knows what she wants and goes after it.  She has been in love with Hart since she was 16.  Now she is told that he is finally going to start looking for a wife.  She is heartbroken because she knows that they can never be together.  Her parents and Hart's actually hate each other due to something that happened in the past.  Her parents are also broke, there is no money for a dowry.  So Meg has resigned herself to being a Wallflower and watching the man she loves courting some other woman.

Hart has decided that it is the time that he married.  He is his father's heir and the title must not die out with him.  So he decides to check out the crop of Debutantes on the market.  Hart has no idea that Meg is in love with him, he thinks of her his sisters best friend and has never seen her as wife material.  All he knows is that he does not want a marriage like his parent's bitterly unhappy union.

When Meg finds out that he does not have a woman picked out she decides that she has nothing to lose and is throwing herself into the ring.  Not knowing how to go about attracting a man she enlists the help of Lucy Hunt, the Duchess of Claringdon, who has a reputation of meddling, she calls it matchmaking.

Hart is the typical male, doesn't know what he wants until he almost loses it.  Meg knows what she wants, but Hart is being stubborn and won't admit his feelings.

What follows is a really lovely story that has laugh out loud moments along with emotional turmoil that will bring tears to your eyes.  This is a fast-paced story that will have you turning the pages long into the night.  I love that about Valerie's writing.  She knows what her readers like and she delivers with style, flair and a special talent for having wonderful characters that you will love. 

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Review of Third Son's a Charm by Shana Galen

I liked this start to a new series by Shana Galen.   Ewan Mostyn is one of the Survivors of Draven's special unit, the third son of an Earl who could care less about him.  Ewan is the Protector of the Survivors.  When he is approached by a Duke to protect his daughter from a fortune hunter he agrees.  The man pursuing the Duke's daughter is Ewan's despicable cousin who tormented Ewan when they were growing up.

Lady Lorraine Caldwell is in love with Francis Mostyn and is determined to marry him. Her father will not relent from his opposition to the match after an attempted elopement.  He goes so far as to hire a bodyguard to keep her away from Francis.  She believes all the lies that Francis has told her about how his cousin Ewan tormented him when he was a child.  Not only is Ewan keeping Francis away from her, she is developing feelings for Ewan that confuses her.  Ewan wants her for himself but he feels that he is not worthy.

This book was a pleasure to read.  I really like Shana's writing.  Her characters are wonderfully complex, and the plot has adventure, peril, and a beautiful love story.  I recommend this book to readers who love Historical Romance.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Review of Someone to Wed By Mary Balogh

Someone to Wed

By Mary Balogh

Miss Wren Heyden has never been seen outside her home without her veil.  After the death of her beloved Aunt and Uncle who rescued her at 10 years old from a cruel mother who kept her locked in a room so no one would see her deformity.  Now she is all alone after their deaths.  She has no friends, just her faithful maid. The inheritance that her Uncle left her is a glass factory that continues to thrive under her leadership.  She is lonely and wants a family, so she comes up with an idea to interview men in the area who are financially strapped and who would agree to her terms for marriage.  Which will be that he would get access to her fortune and she would have his respect and children.  The one condition that she will never show her face outside of their house.  The first two candidates are unacceptable and she is beginning to think that she would be better off alone.

The Earl of Riverdale is a Gentleman who has unexpectedly inherited an Earldom and with it an estate that is a crumbling money pit.  Alex had just finished bringing his home back from the brink due to his Father's mismanagement and now he has to turn his attention to his new inheritance that he did not even want.  If you read the first book in The Wescott Series you have met Alex, if not, this book is an amazing novel that will stand on its own. When Alex receives an invitation for tea from a neighbor, he accepts thinking that there will be other people from the area that he would like to get to know, since he will be spending all his time at his new estate.  When he arrives he is shown into a parlor occupied by a lone female hidden in the shadows of the room. 

Wren comes out of the shadows for the first time letting someone see her face after Alex insists if he is going to entertain her offer.  What he sees is a tall lady who holds herself rigid and a purple birthmark that covers one whole side of her face.

If you have read my reviews you know that I only give an outline into the plot, no spoilers.  Wih that said, my favorite Mary Balogh book has always been "Slightly Dangerous", I have an autographed copy.  It is now my second favorite.  Wren is the bravest woman Historical Romance lady that I have come across in a long time.  What she has to overcome will make you cry and cheer.  The way Mary lets us witness the struggle she goes through is a totally humbling experience.  Alex is honorable and he sees the pain and suffering that Wren has gone through her whole life.  The respect he gives her helps her reclaim her life and finally come out of the shadows.  Do not miss this one.  I always feel that I can do anything I set my mind too after reading one of Mary's books.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Review of The Governess Who Captured His Heart by Sophie Barnes

The first novella in her new series “The Honorable Scoundrels Series” is a wonderful read.  Sophie is excellent at making a novella read like a full-length Romance Novel.  Louise Potter and her two sisters are in financial straits.  Their father died and left them with all his debt.  Louise must find a position as a Governess so that she can help fund her younger sister’s come out.  She has accepted a position and is waiting for the escort of the uncle of the Lady who has offered her the position.  The journey to her new position will take at least 7 days.

Lord Alistair is traveling to his niece’s house in the Country and has been asked to escort the new Governess.  He receives the surprise of his life when the Governess appears at his door.  She is like no Governess he has ever seen.  She is young and beautiful and he cannot imagine spending the next seven days alone in a coach with her.  He has to scramble to provide a chaperone for the journey.

Louise is shocked that the Uncle that she will be sharing a coach with is not a middle-aged portly Gentleman, but a young, virile good looking man.

What could happen in the seven days that they are forced into each other’s company?  Sophie’s writing is witty, passionate and her characters jump right off the page and into your heart.  I really enjoyed this novella and cannot wait for the next one in the series.  I highly recommend this title.