Monday, March 20, 2017

ARC Review of A Perfect Gentleman by Candace Camp

It has been awhile since I have read a Candace Camp Romance and I cannot think of a reason why I stopped.  This is a marvelous book and she is an amazing author.   Her stories are intricate and compelling. This is a full length novel that will keep you reading late into the night.  This book is a must read.  Candace is a master at writing a complex plot that has mystery, conflict and always a wonderful resolution.  She leads you to the villain by subtle clues that will left me guessing until I was 3/4 through the book.

Graeme Parr, Earl of Montclair is forced to marry an American heiress and give up the woman that he loved. Abigail Price agrees to marry Graeme to escape from her domineering father and finally find some happiness. She knows that Graeme doesn't love her but he is polite, respectful and handsome.  Abigail does not know that Graeme is being blackmailed by her father, but Graeme thinks that she does and abandons her on their wedding night.  Abigail doesn't know why Graeme hates her so she returns to America and makes a life for herself without her husband.

Now it is ten years later and Abigail has returned to England to try to reconcile with Graeme.  She wants a child and hopes Graeme will cooperate.  Graeme has always thought that Abigail knew what her father did to him and wants nothing to do with her.  He does not trust her but he is a Gentleman and he will protect her because she is still is his wife.  To make things more complicated someone is trying to kill Abigail and she is now living with Graeme.  They mutually decide to reconcile to provide a baby for Abigail and an heir to the title. The desire is fiery and addictive, they can't seem to keep their hands off each other.  Can they let the past stay in the past and make a life together?  Love is in the air!!

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Review of Lord Valorous by Wendy Vella

This is the third book in The Lords of Night Street Series.  The reason I really like Wendy's books is the character development.  Her characters are just wonderful.  Poppy March is simply marvelous.  She is smart, stubborn, brave and beautiful inside and out.  Jacob, the Viscount Hatherton is a member of the Lords of Night Street.  They are a group of nobleman who investigate, rescue and help those in need.  They insist that they remain anonymous  and do not accept money.  They are determined to fight evil and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Poppy arranges a meeting with the Lords of Night Street and Jacob is the one who shows up.  Poppy has been a companion to an elderly lady who has control of her late husbands money.  The heir to the title, a real slimy individual shows up and kicks Poppy out of the house.  She knows that he is going to kill her employer to get the money that he feels should be his. When she tries to help her employer Poppy is almost run over by a carriage,  pushed into the Thames and almost abducted off the street.  She enlists Jacob to help her but refuses to wait in the background.

Jacob is a war veteran who has seen and experienced horrific situations that have left him wary of letting anyone into his life.  He is the calm and logical member of the Lords of Night Street until he meets Poppy.
She makes him crazy.  She never listens, does what she wants, will not accept help and she is impossible to reason with.  He has never met a woman like her and is completely dumbfounded on how to deal with her.

It is hysterical watching Poppy confound and confuse a man who is always, as he believes,  in control of every situation.  He doesn't realize that deep inside he needs someone like Poppy to fill the hole in his soul.
Poppy is a Vicars daughter who grew up with 8 brothers and sisters.  She knows how to deal with stubborn men,  The witty and sometimes laugh out loud banter between the two of them is splendid.

I absolutely loved this book.  Wendy knows how to write a fabulous Historical Romance that is heartfelt, witty, and a joy to read.  The plot moves at a great pace with adventure, hair raising peril, and a love that will satisfy you to the very end.  I cannot wait for the next Lords of Night book that will feature cynical Leo, The Marquis of Vereton.

Review of Three Renegades and a Baby by Vanessa Kelly

Absolutely Wonderful!!  This novella is both a sequel and a Prequel.  In this story you meet Jack Easton, Marquess of Lendale attending a house party given by Chloe and Dominic from "Talk, Dark and Royal". When he arrives he meets other Renegades and realizes that Chloe and Dominic are cousins to another Royal Bastard who has lived on his estate for 20 years, Lia Kincaid, who you will meet in the next Book in The Improper Princesses Book.

This story is about an abandoned baby left in Chloe and Dominic's stable and which one of the Renegades will adopt the child.  The wives decide the best way to see who can care for the baby is to leave them alone with the baby without help from them or the servants.  To make it more interesting the ladies have picked Jack to judge the competition and he cannot tell the Renegades.

I laughed so hard my husband looked at me like I was crazy.  Reading about an infant that reduces three grown men into helpless panic was hysterical.  Changing her diaper, feeding her and then putting her down for a nap has exhausted the men and they wonder how women do this everyday.

This is vintage Vanessa Kelly, handsome powerful men that are defeated by a strong female, and this time it is an infant.  Who gets to adopt the little girl and take her home?  You also get a peak into her next novel and the hero Jack.  I loved this novella, it always great when you have a love story and laughter combined in an Historical Romance.  Do not miss this novella for the bargain price of 99 cents.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

ARC Review of The Secret of my Seduction by Caroline Linden

For over a year Bathsheba Crawford has had no time for relationships or love.  She was doing all she can  to keep a roof over her head, food for the table and taking care of her brother who is injured in the war.

Now she is writing risque stories called Tales of Lady X anonymously for Liam MacGregor who owns the newspaper the London Intelligencer. She now has money in the bank and is no longer poverty stricken.  The stories that she writes are sexually explicit. She's only had two experiences with bed sport, both of which were uninspiring and passionless.  She has had to use her imagination in her stories and she is running out of ideas.  She plans to ask Liam, who is a known rake and womanizer to help educate her in different aspects of lovemaking.

At first Liam refuses and Bathsheba says she will go find someone else.  Liam gives in and they plan their first rendezvous.  They are both surprised by the passion that explodes between them.  The sex is amazing and the feelings they develop for each other are intense and completely surprising.  After the three agreed upon meetings their affair ends.  They are both denying the feelings that have taken them both by surprise.

Can either one of them find the courage to express their feelings or will they remain just business partners? Will they let down their guard and embrace a life together?

Caroline writes a deeply sensual love story about two independent people who have a chance at a HAE.
Her writing is intensely moving.  Liam and Bathsheba are both compelling and wonderfully intelligent characters.  Even though this is a novella it has all the emotional impact and enjoyment of a full Romance Novel.  I adored this addition to The Scandals Series.  It is only 99 cents and well worth it.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

ARC Review of The Truth About Love and Dukes by Laura Lee Guhrke

I absolutely Loved this book.  Laura Lee Guhrke is one of my all time favorite writers.

Henry Cavanaugh is the Duke of Torquil.  He is responsible, loyal, an outstanding landlord, a staunch member of the Tory party in the Lords and an all around perfect Gentleman who will do anything to protect his family..  Until the day his widowed mother's letter to a lovelorn advice columnist in a gossip rag is published and reveals that his mother is planning on marrying an Italian artist 17 years her junior.  Henry is determined to stop her and also he wants to get his hands around the neck of the mysterious Lady Truelove for encouraging his mother to this reckless decision.

When he arrives at the office of Society Snippets he encounters the owner and editor of the gossip rag, Miss Irene Deverill.  He has never met any woman who immediately puts him on the defensive and is not afraid of what he could do to her and her little gossip paper.  She is opinionated, rude, dismissive and to his dismay, beautiful.  Even though he doesn't like her he hasn't been this attracted to a woman since he was young and made the biggest mistake of his life.

Irene Deverill has no use for the Aristocracy.  Her mother was the daughter of a Viscount who was disowned when she married her father.  After her mother died her father fell apart and almost lost their only source of income, the newspaper that her grandfather had built.  She took over the business and made a success by changing the format from a regular paper to a paper that appealed to the rich by printing all the scandalous goings on of the Ton.  She has no intention of stopping or changing the format of her paper. Henry the Duke of Torquil immediately rubs her the wrong way and she has no intention of letting him boss her around.

This is the start of a tumultuous relationship that will prove life alternating for both Henry and Irene.  Irene is completely baffled by the way Henry conducts himself and his views on everything from  how he protects his mother and sisters to the right of woman to vote.  Henry has never met a woman like Irene and has no clue on how to reason with her.

Laura Lee writes a witty, fiery story of two people who have nothing in common but can't seem to stay away from each other.  The situations that they get into with each other are explosive, surprising each other with the feelings that they bring out in each other.  Henry tries everything he can think of to stay away from Irene, but he cannot seem to stop thinking about her and how much he has grown to want her.  The struggle that he goes through is deeply moving  and Laura Lee's writing captures the frustration and conflict that he experiences.   The social conventions of the time period that are so important to Henry mean almost nothing to Irene.  Will she be able to convince him that her way of thinking is the key to happiness or will Henry stick to his principles and never see her again.

This is a must read if you love an intelligent, powerful love story that will have you cheering until the end.  I have read everything Laura Lee has written and have saved them to all to read again and again.  She really knows how to keep you reading late into the night.  Do not miss this the first book in The Dear Lady Truelove Series!

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Monday, March 6, 2017

ARC Review of When The Marquess Falls by Lorraine Heath

I absolutely love reading this prequel to the Hellions of Havisham Hall.  This is the story of George and Linnie.  The Marquess of Marsden and his childhood friend Linnie Connor, the daughter of the village baker.

George finally convinces LInnie on Christmas Eve to marry him.  They are so in love and enjoy years of being happily married.  When Linnie goes into labor with their fist child the delivery is difficult, she delivers a healthy son and dies in George's arms due to uncontrolled blood loss.  George is devastated by her death. He buries her under the branches of the tree where he first met her as a child.

She promised him that she would be with him forever and never leave him, and she doesn't.  He sees and talks to her everyday until he is an old man.  Then on Christmas Day he wakes up and hears her say "It is time love".  He walks to her grave and there she is as clear as day.  They are now together, spirits and soul mates for all eternity. She waited for him and now they can continue the journey where ever it leads them together.

This is a love story about two people who were meant to be together forever.

Lorraine writes a breath taking story that you will bring you joy and sorrow.  She will take you on a journey of devotion that you will revel in.  A truly satisfying novella that adds a wonderful beginning and ending to the Hellions of Havisham Hall.

ARC Review of Romancing the Rogue b Erica RIdley

Erica has written a lovey novella that will bring a smile to your face.  Two people who love each other but are from to different worlds.  Rebecca is a poor relation and considered a spinster.  She lives in a supposed haunted mansion where she spends most of her time alone.  Then her relative dies and the new owner wants her out so he awards her a 500 dollar dowry.  If she cannot find a husband in 1 month he will find one for her.  When Daniel arrives for the reading of the will he and Rebecca engage in a battle of wills that will either have a HAE or both will spend the rest of their lives heartbroken and alone.  Erica writes a beautiful story of redemption and a love story that I enjoyed very much.