Monday, July 6, 2020

My Review of The Highlander's English Bride by Vanessa Kelly

This is book three in the "Clan Kendrick" series. Vanessa's Highlanders are right up there at the top of the Historical Fiction Genre when it comes to Scotland and handsome, stubborn, honorable, and witty Highland Heros.  I absolutely adored the first two books in this series.  If my review sounds familiar it's because I have run out of complimentary words to describe Vanessa's love stories. Vanessa has a talent for pairing stubborn Highlanders with stubborn ladies, be they Scottish or English.

Graeme Kendrick is in London trying to track down a den of thieves that are preying on society.  So far the bloody Sassenachs have proved elusive.  On this day in June 1822, he has tracked a flunky he followed to Hyde Park hoping that the thief will lead him to the ringleaders.  His luck today is the same as last month, none!  Not only does he lose the thief he has to rescue a young lady that the culprit pushed into the Serpentine to getaway.  Of course, the young lady thinks Graeme is trying to drown not rescue her.  Unfortunately for Graeme, this is just the beginning of months of pain and frustration involving this particular young lady.

Lady Sabrina Bell is wondering what the heck she was thinking about meeting a man in Hyde Park on a cold and rainy morning.  She knows better!  The gentleman never showed up and she is soaking wet from a dunk in the Serpentine!  The only redeeming part of this miserable morning is her rescuer, the most stunning man she has ever seen and he's Scottish. He comes up with a plan to save her reputation which makes him her salvation.  There would be hell to pay if her father finds out what happened.  Sabrina has no idea that meeting Graeme is the defining moment in her life.  

Sabrina and Graeme are so alike and different at the same time.  Their interactions are both hysterical and romantic with a sizzling sensuality that practically singes the pages.  All of Vanessa's stories have interacting characters from her other books, it's like catching up with old friends.  There is always lots of action, mystery, and HAE's in her stories.  All her books are stand-alone stories that any Historical Romance fan will love.  I recommend reading all of her books.  I am certain that you will love them as much as I do.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

My review of A Dark and Stormy Knight by Kerrigan Byrne

I have been a fan of Kerrigan's writing since I read the first book in the "Victorian Rebels" series, The Highwayman back in 2015.  I have eagerly awaited the release of the next book in the series, and have not been disappointed!  Kerrigan's stories are character-driven and what wonderful characters they are.  Her storytelling is addictive.  I love the bad boys that are the center of this series and the strong women that challenge and tame their men. 

You can enjoy this book as a stand-alone, you do not need to have read the whole series, but if you love Historical Romance with a dark side this series is for you!
I highly recommend this book and series. 5 Stars!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Review of The Highlander's English Bride by Anna Campbell

If you read my blog you know that Anna is one of my favorite writers of Historical Romance.  I was hooked on her books when I read her first novel in 2007 "Claiming
the Courtesan".  I have read every one of her books.  
I have always had favorites and now I am adding this one to the top of my list.  I absolutely loved this story from beginning to end!  Hamish is now my favorite Highlander!  Six Feet Five Inches of breathtaking masculinity, honor, and intelligence.  
Emily Baylor is a smart young lady who thinks Hamish is arrogant, condescending and so damn beautiful. They have been at loggerheads most of their adult lives.  Like oil and water, they just don't do well together. When a scandal breaks and the only answer is to marry they do so reluctantly.  Hamish is willing to try to make a go of the marriage, Emily is not. So Hamish retreats to Scotland and Emily stays in London.
What will it take to bring them together and to realize that they have a chance at a love that will change them forever?
This love story is a roller coaster ride of epic moments that will leave you wanting more.  Anna is a master at creating characters that will stay with you long after you have finished her books. All I can say is that I never put this one down until I read the entire book.
I highly recommend this and every book that Anna has written.  You will be hooked too!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Highlander's Christmas Bride by Vanessa Kelly

The 2nd book in the Clan Kendrick Series is Logan's story.  He is my favorite of all of Vanessa's Highlanders so far.  He is the perfect Highlander, tall, handsome, loyal, honorable, and has a great sense of humor.   He is a widower with a young son who he protects with the fierceness of a warrior, and the gentle heart of a father who loves his son more than life itself.

Donella Haddon is our heroine.  As the book opens she is being asked to leave the convent that she has been in for the past three years.  Trouble and scandal seem to follow her wherever she goes.  When her Uncle asks Logan Kendrick to bring her home she takes one look at him and knows this is going to test her like never before.  He is arrogant, stubborn, and too damn beautiful.  Logan expects a pious middle-aged spinster, what he gets is a beautiful spitfire who will try his patience and his honor.

Vanessa brings back some of our favorite characters from other stories that make this a beautiful and heartfelt story.  I especially loved the way Logan's son  Joseph brought out the tenderness and humor.  Lots of laughter and tears in this stunning love story.  Vanessa and Logan are incredible characters that make this book a must-read.

I recommend this love story and can't wait to read the next one in the series.

Monday, May 11, 2020

The Making of a Highlander by Elisa Braden

You can't see me but I am jumping up and down for joy. I absolutely loved The Rescued from Ruin Series.  Now she has started a whole new series,  The Midnight In Scotland Series  When I read her The Madness of Viscount Atherbourne I was hooked for life. 

This story is about a Highland Lass who has been made fun of because her best friend is a ghost and an Englishman who wants to left alone on his crumbling Scottish estate.

Annie Tulloch is a sharp-tongued Scottish hoyden and John Huxley is a proper Englishman whose destinies are going to push them closer whether they like it or not!   Annie frustrates John who half the time he doesn't know what to make of her. She has a sassy mouth that spews insults and profanities. She is an improper little hoyden, he can't fathom why she fascinates him.  John is a mystery to Annie. He doesn't belong in the Highlands. He is one stubborn Englishman, he irritates her to no end, she cannot understand him, but there is something to him that draws her to him like a moth to a flame.

Elisa's writing has elevated her to the top of the Historical Romance Genre.  I sometimes have trouble finding words to articulate her talent.  She is in a league of her own, there are few writers that surpass her storytelling.  I know because I have been reading Historical Romance since the early 80's.  Her characters are so well crafted and her stories enchanting. Just know that if you want to be swept away to another time and place Elisa's stories are the way to go.

You have to read this book!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

My Review of The Highlander's Christmas Quest by Anna Campbell

If you have read any of my reviews of Anna's books, you know I am a huge fan of her books!  I love her characters, especially her wonderful Highlanders.

Dougal Drummond was born to do great feats of bravery.  In order to make a name for himself, he will venture out into the world to prove himself.  He is in search of a damsel in distress, Ellen of the Isles.  He will venture out in his sailing boat to find Ellen, rescue her, marry her and cement himself a place in history.

Kirsty McBain a lass who lives on her family's island Askaval.  One day out riding she spots a boat limping into the harbor, a braw man with bright red hair.
Kirsty falls in love on the spot.  Dougal has to fix his boat and get on with his quest. He cannot let anything stop him, even if starts to think more about Kirsty and less about Ellen.  He must get his boat fixed and leave before he forsakes his honor.  Little does he know that Kirsty will do anything to get him to stay.

I will admit I wasn't a big fan of Dougal, he seemed a little naive and selfish. I think that was a deliberate plot twist from Anna because by the end of the book I also loved Dougal! Kirsty deserved a HAE and Anna hit it out of the park! I have said this before, but Anna knows what her readers want and she delivers every time.

I highly recommend this book and any other by Anna Campbell.

The Tempting of the Governess by Julia Justiss Book 2 in The Cinderella Spinster

The Tempting of the Governess (The Cinderella Spinsters): Julia ...

Miss Olivia Overton is a young lady who cannot understand how the trustees of her inheritance made such bad investments. She now has no money and her life will never be the same.  She had big plans for that money and she even has to vacate the house she has lived in all her life.  Olivia now has to find some way to support herself.  The only position she is remotely qualified for is a Governess.
She takes a position at Somers Abbey, two little girls who have been orphaned and now living with a soldier recently returned from India.

Colonel Hugh Glendenning, late of his Majesty's Second Imperial Foot has inherited a rundown estate and is now is the guardian of his cousin's two children.  Hugh lost his wife and young son in India and has never recovered from the loss of his son.  He has no intention of keeping the young girls with him and turns them over to the housekeeper until he can find relatives who would want to raise the little girls. In the meantime, he has hired a governess for the girls.

When Olivia arrives at the Abbey she is shocked to see how the little girls have been treated.  The housekeeper is a mean bitch who wants nothing to do with the girls.  They are in a drafty nursery with one thin blanket and the clothes that they wore in St. Kitts which were totally unsuitable for the weather in England.  The younger girl has not spoken since they arrived.  Olivia is outraged and confronts the Colonel about the treatment of the girls.  Hugh cannot believe he is hearing the governess scolding him. He cannot wait for a relative to take the girls so he can fire the sassy governess, or will she find her way into his heart?

Julia writes such beautiful emotional stories.  Hugh is a man tortured by his guilt, he feels he is responsible for the death of his son.  Julia brings the reader into his pain and suffering and you feel his despair.  I admit that I cried more than once.  Olivia is perfect for him.

I highly recommend this book and every book that Julia has written.  I love her love stories.