Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review of The Danger of Tempting an Earl

This is the third book in the series from Sophie Barnes. 
 Lucien and Katherine grew up together, they were best friends. Lucien goes to war and when he comes home it is to his older brother dying.  He is devasted and his father wants him to marry and produce an heir, but Lucien does not want anything to do with taking his beloved brothers place so he leaves immediately again for the continent and does not come back for two years, by this time he is the Earl.  Katherine doesn't know why he left so suddenly and while he is away she gets married to one of their neighbors.  What she doesn't know is that her husband is an opium addict.  He degrades her and makes her life miserable.  The only good thing that has come out of her marriage is her daughter.  When her husband dies she decides to take over his management of his estate and she finds out that she is very good at it and enjoys it.  She implements safer practices in her businesses that benefit her employees and their families.  Little does she know that she has made an enemy who wants her dead because of the way she handles her business dealings.  Lucien returns from the continent to take over the Earldom and goes to see Katherine as soon as he can.  He has been in love with her since she was sixteen and he twenty three.  She has changed since her marriage.  She used to be confident, fearless and sure of herself.  Now she seems unsure of herself and afraid.  Lucien decides that he will court her and seduce her at the same time.  He is going to marry her and spend his life loving her the way she deserves.  He has no idea how her husband treated her, but he knows something is wrong and wants to help her overcome it so they can be happy.  He also has to keep her safe and find out why she is being targeted by a underworld criminal.  Sophie knows how to write a great love story.  You can just feel the emotions of the two main protagonists.  Her dialogue is very good and the way the story develops is truly satisfying.  I loved all three of these books and cannot wait for her next one.  She is now one of my Keeper authors.  Received ARC for review from Adelweiss.

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