Sunday, August 31, 2014

ARC review of The Shadows of Stormclyffe by Lauren Smith

First let me say that I usually only read Historical Romance Novels.  This is the second Modern Paranormal that I have read.  The entire book took place at an old castle in England and their were only a few mentions of modern technology.

It is a story of eternal love and tragedy, evil spirits all in the setting of a Gothic Castle. Stormclyffe is a place haunted by ghosts for over two hunded years.  It started in 1811 when Richard the Earl of Weymouth lost his wife to an apparent suicide.  He died shortly after under mysterious circumstances.  From then on every Earl of Weymouth, their heirs and the women they loved were cursed.  The present Earl's grandfather left the castle with his wife to protect her and never went back.  His parents never lived at the castle, but his father felt compelled to go back and restore the castle and repair his family's reputation.  He died in a car accident on his way to the castle.

Richard is the Earl now and he is compelled to finish what his father started before he died. He is finding it hard to get workers to come to the castle because the villagers think the castle is haunted with ghosts who do not want the castle restored.  But Richard perservers because he wants to restore his family's reputation and honor his father's memory.

Enter Jane Seyton, a graduate student from America who is writing a thesis on Stormcylffe and it's family history.  She started having dreaams about Stormcylffe before she ever saw it and feels compelled to travel there and find out why she feels connected to the castle and it's ancestors.

Richard does not want her there, but Jane talks him into letting her do research for her thesis. That's when strange things start to happen to both of them. Visions, Ghosts apprearing, apparent possessions of their bodies.  They realize that the mystery behind the haunting of the castle has to do with Isabelle and Richard's story and know if they can solve the murder of Isabelle, the spirits will be at peace at last.

I really enjoyed this book, it was suspenseful, scary and outside of my comfort zone when it comes to reading.  But I am glad that I read it and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good book with mystery, ghosts, gloomy Gothic castles and a happy ending.

Lauren's writing is imaginative, suspensful and addictive.  I could not stop reading.   Read this book in one night.

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