Sunday, August 17, 2014

Review of Devil to Pay by Renee Bernard

WOW!!!  First let me say that I have not read a Contemporary romance novel in 30 years, and I have never read a Paranormal one.
That being said I loved this book.  It was romantic and very witty.  Welcome to H.E. LLc, also known as HELL or HADES located in an invisible high rise in downtown San Francisco. 

Jayne Hamilton is a young PR rep trying to work her way up the corporate ladder.  When she is passed over for another promotion she decides to leave work early and take a walk.  She finds herself  in front of a 70 story black and glass building that she has never seen before.  She enters the building and her life will never be the same.  Why?  She meets her soul mate who happens to be the Archangel Lucifer, also known as Satan.

Combine instant attraction between the two characters, a sweet love story with tons of laughs, rules, free will, and other demons, and Archangels and you have a book that you will read in one night.  

What is different about this book, there are no bad guys coming in between the characters.  Also this is the first romance I have read without sex scenes and you didn't need them to tell the story.

For being the Devil, Luke is sweet and kind and very romantic.  His cast of demons and fellow Archangels are hysterically funny and I laughed my way thru this book.  With lines like this how can you not?

"Is there a remote infinitesimal chance I just tried to pitch PR services to Lucifer,  Prince of Darkness and Overseer of Hell?

And rules that state "Angels Rules 101"  "They cannot interfere or change the course of human's path without Sanction from Upper Management"  (Heaven).

I enjoyed this book very much and cannot not wait for the next one in The Eternity Gambit series.

For me to read a romance that is not Historical is truly mind blowing to me.  I never thought I could enjoy a book that takes place in the present, because I read Historical Romance to escape this world, but Renee has converted me.  She is truly an amazing writer and want to thank her for writing a book that combines everything we all love in Romance.  

Do Not Miss This Book!!!!!!

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