Friday, August 29, 2014

Review of Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith

The League of Rogues is a company of five life long friends who are handsome, rich, charming, arrogant, intelligent and witty. This book features Godric, Duke of Essex, who loves his life just the way it is.  Friends, women, and Freedom.  When he finds out he has been swindled he and the Rougues kidnap the niece of the man who cheated him.

Emily Parr, the heroine is fiesty, clever and refuses to allow the kidnappers to ruin her future and her reputation.  After her parents die she is forced to live with her uncle who wants only to marry her off to a man he owes alot of money to.  She wants to find a husband who will be kind and will treat her well.  Blakenship, the man that her uncle wants her to marry is a really nasty, perverted villian.

Emily attempts escape after escape and while doing so she entertains the Rogues who all respect her spirit and determination.  Of course as she spends more time with Godric and the Rogues, she doesn't know it she wants to go back to her uncle.  She has a plan to make Godric fall in love and marry her.

The dialogue is very funny and I love the way Emily holds her own with the Rogues.  You also get to know all the other Rogues and look forward to their stories.

Lauren's writing is engaging, wittiy, romantic, and very sexy!!! Her characters have depth to them and her stories are full of unexpected twists.  Cannot wait to read the next book in the League of Rogues.

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