Sunday, August 17, 2014

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The Wallflower series has been very entertaining and I have enjoyed all three books.  Finding Miss McFarland is the thrid book in the series.  Delaney McFarland is a red head with all that goes along with her hair color.  She is stubborn, outspoken and does what she thinks is right even though she knows some of the things she does  would send her father into a apolexy.  She is compassionate and helps those less fortunate.  

She has to marry and after the debacle at her debut she knows her only option is a Marriage of Convieence.  Her large dowry will help her find a husband who wants her for her money only.

The hero Griffin is a rake who can't seem to stop thinking about her since he met her at her debut and she got sick all over his shoes.  Months later she is back in London and she is determined to avoid him.   They meet by accident in the park and later share a kiss.  He deciides that he wants her for himself and will do anything to have her.

Vivienne's prose is very well written, the back and forth between Delaney and Griffin is witty and engaging.  Her characters have depth, are intelligent, and very likable.  I enjoy her writing and very much look forward to her next book.  I would recommend this book to a friend.

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