Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ARC Review of Christmas Brides by Suzanne Enoch, Alexandra Hawkins, Elisabeth Essex, Valarie Bowman

One Hot Scot by Suzanne Enoch

An english woman alone in the Highlands running from an over zealous suitor who kidnapped her.  A handsome Highlander rescues her and brings her back to his cabin.
A strorm traps them for the night alone together.  He has to hide her from the man hunting her and gets caught in the middle of two clans.  He has two younger sisters that he has to protect and doesn't want any trouble.  She just wants to go home without causing a scandal. Julia and Duncan are both intelligent strong characters in a perilous situation.  If you love adventure, romance you will enjoy this story. This short story is connected to her Scandalous Highlander Series.  I have all of her books and really enjoy her writing.  

Once Upon a Christmas Scandal by Alexandra Hawkins

This is a great short story that continues the Lords of Vice Series.  Lord Vanewright from "Sunrise With A Notorious Lord" has a younger sister, Ellen who just wants to stay home and take care of her father who is dying.  She finds out that her parents have tripeled her dowry and are having a house party for christmas and inviting eligible bachelors.  One of the guests is Derrick Hunt, Earl of Swainsbury.  He has a secret agenda for being at the house party.  His sister was killed by a fortune hunter and he has been trying to find him ever since.  He knows if the killer hears about Ellen's dowry she is in danger.  She thinks he is a fortune hunter like the rest.  This is a stand alone story, but I would urge you to read the whole Lords of Vice series.  You will not be disappointed.  Alexandra is an amazing historical romance author.

The Scandal Before Christmas by Elizabeth Essex

This is my first Elizabeth Essex book and I will definetely being reading more of her.  

Take one shy spinster and a bold navy officer and trap them together at a country house party in a snowstorm and the fun begins.  When they first meet Ian sees Ann as a plain, awkward, shy mouse who doesn't speak.  Ann sees a ton gentleman who is handsome, charming and very confident.  She agreed to marry him to escape her overbearing mother and he is marrying her to spite his aristocratic father.  Can Ian bring her out of her shell? Will Ann open up to Ian and let him see the real person behind the dowdy spinster?  This is a very sensual and lovely romance story that I enjoyed very much. 

It Happened Under The Mistletoe by Valerie Bowman

Imagine yourself at a house party at christmas time with young and old gentlemen looking for an heiress and young women trying to snare a title.  Oliver Townsende the new Duke of Markham is ruthlessly being pursued by a young lady and her mother and Cerian Blake is trying to avoid being trapped into marriage to any man.  They both decide to hide in the same silver closet to outwit their pursuers.  Oliver comes up with a plan to thwart their pursurers, pretend that he and Cerian are courting and when the house party ends they go their seperate ways.  The only problem is that they are attracted to each other their scheme goes awry.  This story has great twists and turns and will captivate you from beginning to end.  Oh yeah, there is also a mysterious matchmaking feline.  Great Story.

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