Friday, September 19, 2014

ARC Review of The Prince Who Loved Me by Karen Hawkins

Image result for image of The Prince who Loved Me I have been reading Karen Hawkins for years and I have never been disappointed with any of her stories.  She writes beautiful love stories with handome Alpha males (my favorite type of hero) and smart, strong heroines that that make you wish for the book to never end.  This story is a variation on the Cinderella theme complete with a handsome Prince and a sweet innocent with a step mother and step sisters.  I do not want to give away too much of the story but Karen weaves a charming tale of two people from two different worlds discovering that their lives were not nearly as complete as they thought they were.  One chance meeting, one lost slipper and both their worlds are turned upside down. If you have never read a Karen Hawkins book you are missing out on one the best voices in Historical Romance today.  I recommend that you buy this book and lose yourself in the splendid world that Karen creates.

I received this ARC in return for an honest reveiw.

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