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Review of The Black Rose Trilogy by Renee Bernard

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The Black Rose Trilogy

Review of Lady Falls, Lady Rises and Lady Truimphs by Renee Bernard

First let me say that this is a unique way to write a story.  Three books that tell the life story of Raven Wells, a young woman who starts life in Lady Falls as an orphan.  The first book is about lost innocence, revenge and betrayal.  Renee's writing is emotionally charged and beautifully written.  Her characters have such depth you get lost in her stories.  Raven is sweet and innocent and does not know that her guardian is using her to get revenge on a man who he hates.  Of course when Raven and Phillip meet they fall for each other and her guardian The Earl of Trent gets his revenge.  You have to read the book to find out how.

Lady Rises starts years after the first book ends and tells the story of how Raven has overcome the devasting betrayal and become a woman of strength and power.  She now helps other women who have been abused and betrayed by the men in their lives.  Just when she thinks she has sealed her heart away for good, Phillip reenters her life.  She is no longer the naive innocent girl she used to be, but she realizes that she still has feelings for him and they start an affair.

Lady Truimphs begins with Raven and Phillip together.  Phillip realizes how much Raven has changed and he wants to make her his wife and live happily ever after.  Raven has other plans.  She is finally ready to get her revenge on The Earl of Trent.  She will not be disssuaded from destroying him and Phillip has to promise no to interfere.  Raven is smart, strongwilled and will not rest until The Earl of Trent pays for what he did to her and Phillip.  I will not spoil the rest of the plot, you have to read this story from the beginning in Lady Falls to Lady Rises, and to the climatic end in Lady Truimphs.

Renee keeps you guessing in Lady Truimphs, you don't get to know what Raven is planning until it actually happens.  It is Brilliant!!!  I loved all three of these books and now that all three have been released, you can read them one right after the other.  Renee is a bright star in the world of Historical Roamance and I would highly recommend everything she writes.

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