Sunday, November 2, 2014

Review of Beguiling The Earl by Suzanna Medeiros

This is the third book in The Landing a Lord series, I have read all three and loved them all.  Suzanna writes a beautiful love story with passion, intrigue and compelling characters.  Catherine and Kerrick are made for each other but they have to keep their feelings for each other a secret because of his work for the government.  He is trying to uncover a traitor to the crown and to do that he has to pretend to court the daughter of the man he is investigating.  The young woman he is pretending to court loves someone else and is friends with Catherine and she is trying to push Catherine and Kerrick together, which complicates Kerrick's plans.  Also Catherine's brother Nicholas, and his wife Louisa who you met in the first book "Loving the Marquess" is trying to keep them apart.  The plot is intricate and well paced.

I really enjoy this series and hope there is more to come.  I would recommend this book as a stand alone, but recommend that you read the full series, it's that good!!!

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