Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review of Only Enchanting by Mary Balogh

I have been reading Mary Balogh's books for a long time and I have never been disappointed.  Mary writes Regency Romance like no other author.  Her books are quintessential Regency period.  She brings you into the time period with her wonderful descriptions of the lifestyle that is truly what historical romance should be.  Her stories are so deeply emotional, honest and heart warming.  Her characters are so human, they are vulnerable, strong, intelligent and flawed.  She always lets you see inside their hearts and souls, and you cannot help but fall in love with them and never want the story to end.  This book is part of The Surviors Club, a group of individuals who have been injured mentally and physically in the Napoleonic War.  Each one of them are fascinating and compelling and have obstacles that they must overcome.  This book features Flavian and Agnes, two individuals that have almost nothing in common.  Flavian sustained a head injury in the war that has left him with huge gaps in his memory, headaches and moments of uncontrolled rage.  Agnes is a young widow who was abandoned by her mother at a young age and has locked her heart away and does not want anything to do with love or passion.  This is a beautiful love story about two individuals who both have hardships to overcome to be happy and Mary writes a wonderful story that takes through their tragedies and triumphs to a amazingly satisfying ending.  This is a truly inspiring story that you must read!!

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