Friday, July 11, 2014

Review of Lady Windermere's Lover by Miranda Neville

This is the third book in the series and was as good as the previous two.  Damian, Earl of Windermere who we met in the previous books has foolishly gambled away his inheritance from his mother, and if that isn't bad enough he lost it to one of his best friends who then lost it that same night.  The next day he wakes up and vows never to gamble again and turns his back on his best friend Julian Fortescue, who he blames for his troubles.  To regain his mother's estate he must marry the niece of the man who now owns it.  He marries her and then leaves for a year long diplomatic post in Persia.  He returns a year later to find that his provincial cit wife has turned into a beauty and is rumored to be having an affair with his former best friend Julian, now the Duke of Denford.  Cynthia does not know her husband and is not about to just resume their marriage because he says so.  Damian does not believe her when she tells him she is not having an affair with Julian, she says they are just friends.  There are a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions between them that they cannot seem to get past.  He is a diplomat who hides his feelings well and she is afraid that he only wants her because she is his possession.  They wind up stranded together in an Inn in a snowstorm where they actually start to learn about his other and how the lives they have lead up to this point has shaped them into the people they are.  The interaction between Damian and Cynthia is intense.  I love the way that she stands up to him and makes him realize how bad he treated her.  Miranda's prose and style are one of the best in the genre today.  She also can write some steamy love scenes.  This book was very good and had a very satisfying ending.  Also there are some great leads and clues into the next book that will feature Julian, the Duke of Denford.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Historical Romance is my Passion

To all who visit my website, I want you to know that I am a historical romance addict who reads at least 7 books a week...I love to review them and let other people who love this genre that they have to read the book I just reviewed.  That is way I am on Netgalley and Adelweiss....I have over an 80% feedback rating and promise to review all ARC's that I am approved for.  Thanks for your Support.  My email is Jaci Tobin

Review of Vixen in Velvet by Loretta Chase

I have loved every book in this series.  The Dressmakers were not your ordinary Regency Heroines.  They had ambition, and a purpose to their lives.  They did not want to have a man who took care of them, they wanted to make something of themselves without depending on anyone, especially the male species.  Leonie is the business women of the trio.  She takes care of the none artistic aspects of the business.  In walks Simon, the Marquess of Lisbourne.  He sees her as a potential mistress and she sees him as a typical aristocrat with nothing better to do than seduce women.  She sets out to each him a lesson and in the process they both learn alot about each othe.  As always the dialouge is sparkling and witty as only Loretta can write it.  The love story is reveting and very well written.  I love all of her books and reread them over and over again.  If you haven't read Loretta, I would recommend starting with "Lord of Scoundrels" and you will be hooked forever more.

Review of Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom by Vanessa Kelly

The first thing I want to say is that I love Vanessa Kelly’s Historical Romances.  Her characters are so well written with such depth that you feel as if you have known them forever.  The hero, Griffin Steele, is a strong alpha male who protects what is his, but he has a softer side that he thinks he keeps well hidden.
He is the illegitimate son of the Prince of Wales brother.  His mother was gently born and not married when she was seduced by the Duke of Cumberland.  She was forced to leave her infant with a strict, unforgiving uncle and she was sent into service.  When the uncle dies Griffin makes his way to London and survives on the streets.  He makes his fortune and when the story opens he is the owner of many factories and a gambling hell and brothel.
The Heroine, Justine Brightmore is the the daughter of a spy for the home office who was killed and she now is a companion for a dowager.  She like her quiet life in the country and believes she will never marry.  She thinks she is content to be a spinster.  She is also the niece of master spy Dominic Hunter who we met in “Lost in a Royal Kiss”.
I won’t give away the plot but it has some great twists and turns.  There is a secondary story with Dominic and Griffin’s mother, who have a past that hopefully will lead to another book.  This is a great book with a truly well thought out ending that leaves you completely satisfied .  The action is thrilling and the love story wonderful.
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves really good characters and an amazing love story.

Review of Night Of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle

Delilah Marvelle had me hooked from the opening quote from the "School of Gallantry".  I love this series of hers.  In this one the hero is confident and strong and does not fight his feelings for the heroine.  They are betrothed when they are young and are separated as the heroine travels the world with her father.  She lost her mother when she is young and has to take care of her alcoholic father.  She has seen what Love has done to her father and does not want to marry for love.  Derek has been writing her love letters for years and is in love with her.  Clementine tells him that she will not marry him.  Clementine is afraid that if she doesn't get away from him that she will give into her desire to love him and her life will never be the same again. What follows is a riveting and erotic adventure that you cannot miss.  This author know how to write love scenes that will have you squirming in your seats.  I have read all of her books and the "The School of Gallantry" series is her best.  I also loved that the author went back in time to her first book in the series to help with this story, and it was great to catch up with characters from her other books.  Do not miss this one!!!!!  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves historical romance.

Review of The Secrets of a Scoundrel by Gaelen Foley

The 7th book in the Inferno Club series is as good as the previous six.  The bad boy of the order is in prison for nerfarious deeds that he committed against the order.  Their ex-handler Virgil, who is now deceased, an who recruited and trained all of the Order Agents in this series has a daughter that none of the agents knew about.  She knows all about the order and the agents and her father left her coded journal that has all the information about the Order agents and their various missions.  The journal is stolen and she has to get it back before it has been decoded.  She talks the elders of the the Order to release Nick Forrester, who is in an order prision to help her.  She only tells him that she is trying to find a number of females that have been kidnapped and are going to be put up for auction.  To gain entry into the auction you must have a specail game piece and only Nick can get it for her.  She doesn't tell him that she is also trying to recover the stolen journal.  Little known to Nick is that she has nourished a crush on him since she was a little girl.  What happens next is a hair raising, action packed adventure with kidnappings, and lots more plot twists.  Of course they fall in love and they both learn how to trust again and let each other into their live.  This is a great love story written inside a great adventure.  I would rcommend this book to anyone.  Also there is a teaser at the end that might lead into another series.  Keep your fingers crossed.!!!

Review of Between the Devil and Ian Eversea by Julie Anne Long

I don't know if I can express in words how much I enjoyed this book.  I am not a writer, but if I was I would want to write just like Julie Anne Long!!!!  Ian and Pansy are amazing characters that are compelling, compassionate and funny.  They both have insecurities and flaws that they try to hide, Ian by being carefree and witty.  He refuses to tie himself down to one woman and when he moves on he doesn't give parting gifts like other men give their ex mistresses.  Tansy lost both her parents and her brother and hides her loneliness and sorrow by being a first class flirt.  Ian sees through her and wants to know what kind of game she is playing.  What follows is funny, heartwarming, complex romance that will  have you turning pages non stop till you reach an amazing, beautifully satisfying conclusion.  Julie Anne writes a story of love, conflict, and amazing sensuality that you never want it to end.  I love the way she writes and will always look forward to hee next book.  Do not miss this one, it's a keeper.

Review of Fool Me Twice by Meredith Duran

I loved this book.  The two main protagonists were very strong and believable.  The Duke of Marwick withdrew from his life after his late wife betrays him. He is full of rage and is afraid if he comes out of his self imposed exile that he will kill the men who cuckolded him with his wife.  The heroine Olivia has a mutual enemy and disguises herself as a housekeeper to try and steal what she needs to save her life.  Olivia is the only one brave enough to invade the Duke's self imposed exile.  She does achieve her goal of stealing the evidence she needs, but in the process she falls for the Duke.  He knows that she has betrayed him and he reenters the world to pursue her.  What ensues is an emotional and very deeply well written romance.  This story is written beautifully as no one but Meredith Duran can write.  I have read all of her books