Friday, August 29, 2014

Review of Once More My Darling Rogue

Let me first say that I have always loved Lorraine's books.  They are always 4.5 or 5 star reviews.  That being said I am not really a fan of amnesia stories.  

The heroine Ophelia is not a very likable person who treats Drake is not worth her notice.  Drake on the other hand is handsome and charming and loves to torment Ophelia.  

When he rescues her from the Thames one night she doesn't remember who she is. Drake decides to teach her a lesson and tells her she is a servant in his household. Ophelia feels this isn't right, but since she cannot remember she goes along with it.   She turns out to be a hard worker with a good heart and a genuinely nice person.  

Meanwhile Drake is investigating why her brother has not signed the alarm that she is missing.  He finds out a terrible secret about Ophelia that has shaped the person she was before she lost her memory.  Drake also has something in his past that torments him.

Lorriane's writing brings out the depth of her characters with great emotional awareness. You know what they are feeling and you actually feel it thru her writing.

I was not enjoying the beginning of this book, but I kept reading because I knew that anything Lorriane writes is worth reading. When you get to know Ophelia and Drake you will be glad your read this book.

Review of the de Valery Code by Darcy Burke

I really enjoyed this book.  There was romance, mystery, suspense, treasure and a very well paced story.

Margery the heroine is living in genteel poverty with her two aunts.  As the book opens she and her aunts are going through the trunks in the attic hoping to find something of value to sell.  They come across a book that her aunts say their father read to them when they are little.

The book is ancient and Margery thinks it could save them.  Her aunts agree to sell it and recommend writing to a scholar that their father corresponded with.  They send him a letter, but decide to leave before they get a reply.  Margery thinks she is meeting an old scholar but that's not what she gets.

Rhys Bowen is a man in his prime.  He is a scholar taught by his father.  When Margery shows him the book he cannot believe waht he is seeing.  The book holds a code to a magic treasure.

Instead of selling the book they decide to work together to find the treasure.  What follows is two strong willed individuals who disagree about almost everything.  As they travel together following the clues they get to know each other.

Darcy writes with great emotion, she shows their strengths, vulnerabliites and how they eventually come to fall in love.

This story was interesting, exciting and a sweet romance.  I can;t wait for the next book in the series.

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Review of Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith

The League of Rogues is a company of five life long friends who are handsome, rich, charming, arrogant, intelligent and witty. This book features Godric, Duke of Essex, who loves his life just the way it is.  Friends, women, and Freedom.  When he finds out he has been swindled he and the Rougues kidnap the niece of the man who cheated him.

Emily Parr, the heroine is fiesty, clever and refuses to allow the kidnappers to ruin her future and her reputation.  After her parents die she is forced to live with her uncle who wants only to marry her off to a man he owes alot of money to.  She wants to find a husband who will be kind and will treat her well.  Blakenship, the man that her uncle wants her to marry is a really nasty, perverted villian.

Emily attempts escape after escape and while doing so she entertains the Rogues who all respect her spirit and determination.  Of course as she spends more time with Godric and the Rogues, she doesn't know it she wants to go back to her uncle.  She has a plan to make Godric fall in love and marry her.

The dialogue is very funny and I love the way Emily holds her own with the Rogues.  You also get to know all the other Rogues and look forward to their stories.

Lauren's writing is engaging, wittiy, romantic, and very sexy!!! Her characters have depth to them and her stories are full of unexpected twists.  Cannot wait to read the next book in the League of Rogues.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ARC Review of A Scandalous Deception by Ava Stone

Another great book in the Scandalous Series.  Ava's books are full of intricate characters that you fall in love with.  Felicity and Fin as well as all the secondary characters connect her books and it is great to catch up with them.  This is a story of two people who have known each other for a long time but do not realize they are meant for each other.  Tragedy seperates them and also brings them together.  There are surprises, celebrations, romance, and grief that make this book the perfect historical romance.  I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good book that leaves you wanting more.

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