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Review of Master of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle

First let me say that this is not a traditional historical romance. Thank you Delilah Marvelle for pushing past the boundaries and taking your readers into a story that is unique, powerful, intense, emotional and a joy to read. For most of us we do not associate pleasure and pain as going together. Our hero Malcolm does. Just a warning, the prologue is very graphic and parts obscene, but it is an intricate part of the story and explains why Malcolm feels the way he does. He believes that he cannot never have a normal life with a woman because he is afraid of losing control of his desires and hurting her with obesession with pain. He keeps tight control over himself at all times and even though he has been tempted over the years, he is still a virgin. Then he meets Leona the heroine when he rescues her from a group of ruffians who have confiscated all her belongings to pay a debt. She is an unwed mother who is trying to support herself and her son in a world where she is considered unfit for any employment or way to improve her son's life. She is strong, intelligent, and feisty and will not give up. They seem to be made for each other, except she doesn't understand why he wants her to hurt him during sex. In steps Madame de Maitenon the orginal Mistress of Pleasure sent by a friend to help Malcolm understand and control his dark side. This story is simply an amazing, deeply personal look to into a side of pleasure that few know about and even fewer write about. I have read everything that Delilah has ever written and this series, The School of Gallantry is her best work!!! Do not let the prologue scare you off, the journey that she takes the characters on is one you cannot miss. There is one more book in this series, I am going to so sad to see it end. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!

Received an ARC uncorrected proof for an honest reiview.

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Virtual Book Tour for Tall, Dark, and Royal by Vanessa Kelly

He's the man behind the mission to track down the illegitimate children of England's Royal Princes and help them get their due. But his deepest desire is far more personal… Magnificent and stubborn.

Fourteen years apart had not changed Chloe Steele, or Dominic Hunter's love for her. He'd been a street urchin, a boy raised at court, and finally a magistrate, yet he'd never belonged anywhere--except by her side. Now Chloe devoted herself to girls threatened by scandal--like she had been. But she was in danger, and Dominic was determined to help--and hopefully make up for lost time…

Even in childhood, Dominic had made Chloe feel safe. Now she also felt thrillingly flustered by the powerful man he'd become, and by the longing he inspired. Because Dominic meant not only to protect her, but to untangle the lies that had separated them. Yet for Chloe, surrendering to temptation may be easier than risking a future that could ruin them both…


Chloe Steele is under potential threat from a notorious crime lord. Dominic Hunter and Griffin and Justine Steele, Chloe’s son and his wife, try to devise a plan to respond

“A little common sense would not go amiss in this discussion,” Dominic said, “so let me try to inject some. Borden Campworth is a dangerous man, one of the very worst in London, as Griffin indicated.”

She ignored the sudden pounding of her heart and tried to remain calm in the face of that daunting news. “I see. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that Roger is just as dangerous.” 

Dominic’s flinty green eyes widened. “He pulled a pistol on you, Chloe.”

She winced. Clearly, that bump on her head was affecting her brain since she was in danger of sounding like a nitwit. “What I meant is that I don’t think he intended to shoot me or anyone else. He was simply trying to intimidate me into allowing him to see Jane.” 

“He pushed you into a wall,” he gritted out.

“Yes, he’s a complete lout,” she admitted. 

“And I’m not trying to be difficult or reckless. I just don’t know much about him or his relationship with his uncle.” 
“Then perhaps we should ask the one person who does know,” Dominic said. 

Chloe clapped her hands together. “Of course! We need to talk to Jane. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.” 

With a rueful shake of his head, Dominic sat down next to her, reaching 
out to stroke her cheek. “I imagine it was the knock you took to the skull. You seem slightly rattled this morning.” 

His gentle touch and the affectionate tone in his deep voice almost undid her. Chloe had to clamp down on the impulse to lean into him and let the tears flow. Because she had been frightened when Roger pulled his weapon—more from the fury in his mud-colored eyes than from the gun barrel pointed at her chest. She truly believed he had no intention of shooting her, but she’d seen the ugly results of that sort of anger too many times, both in her life and the lives of the girls who sought her help. It was an anger that led to bruises and broken bones and lives ripped apart by fear. 

Dominic withdrew his hand after a moment and stood. She immediately missed his warmth and his reassuring presence by her side. 

“Justine,” he said, “perhaps you could fetch Jane.” 

When Justine slipped from the room, Dominic went to the tea trolley to pour Chloe another cup of Earl Grey. He and Griffin fell into a discussion about a crime bill under consideration in Parliament, and Chloe knew they were giving her time to recover her poise. 

As she watched the two men she loved so dearly, her heart swelled with both pride and more than a little sorrow. Griffin had overcome great adversity to build his fortune and find the woman he loved, while Dominic had matured into the finest man Chloe had ever met. She had missed all of that, left behind while they had made their way in the world without her. 

That it had been her choice to be left behind offered her no comfort.

Thank you Vanessa for stopping by to answer questions for my readers;


Is there a certain kind of scene that is harder to write than others?  Love, Action, Sexy?
I find sex scenes fairly hard to write—which is odd because I think I’m pretty good at them! But there are a lot of moving parts to a love scene (no pun intended), and you have to balance many elements. Emotion, sensuality, mechanics, and setting must be factored into any good love scene. It needs to do more than titillate, too. The scene has to deepen the relationship or cause a conflict between the characters, or advance the plot. Sometimes all three! I’m really manic about getting my sex scenes right.
What book do you wish you had written?
I would have to pick one of the Amelia Peabody Mysteries by Elizabeth Peters—most likely Crocodile on the Sandbank, which is the first book in that series. I still remember the excitement I felt when I read that book, the sense that I was immersed in this fantastic, wonderful world and in the hands of a true master. The heroine, Amelia Peabody, is the funniest character I’ve ever read. The books are smart, hilarious, romantic, fascinating, and have a subtle emotion that pulls you in. Plus, the series features my all-time favorite hero, Ramses Emerson, Amelia’s grown son. He is totally dreamy.
What is your favorite part of writing?
Revisions. First because I’m SO relieved that I have a completed draft. Second because I enjoy the process of bringing the characters and the story into sharper focus. I can relax and give myself the chance to be more creative.
Just as you have inspired authors, which authors inspired you to write?
I have to start with Georgette Heyer, who created the Regency Romance genre and was the first romance writer I ever read. I also hugely love and was influenced by Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt, both masters of the romantic suspense genre. Current authors whose work encouraged me to start writing are Loretta Chase, Eloisa James, and Lisa Kleypas.
How important are names to you in your books?
I enjoy the process of picking out names for my characters. I do try to make them period appropriate, and also fit their personalities. Usually, the meaning behind the name in some way refers to my character, but I also don’t get too bent out of shape by names. Some I just seem to pluck them out of a mental hat.
What book are you reading now?
I’m reading The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion and I’m looking forward to tackling The Book of Life, by Deborah Harkness.
What are you working on now?
I just turned in HOW TO MARRY A ROYAL HIGHLANDER, book 4 in The Renegade Royals Series, and I’ll soon be starting on a proposal for more books in the series. I’m also working on my VK Sykes books, which are contemporary romances I write with my husband. We have a new series called Seashell Bay coming out in February from Grand Central. The first book is called MEET ME AT THE BEACH; it’s small town contemporary romance set on an island off the coast of Maine
Do you have any advice for new authors?
Read a lot, write a lot, find a good critique partner or group, and don’t listen to people who put you down for wanting to write romance or genre fiction. It’s truly a case of doing what you like and what makes you happy.

Author Info

Vanessa Kelly is an award-winning author who was named by Booklist, the review journal of the American Library Association, as one of the “New Stars of Historical Romance.” Her Regency-set historical romances have been nominated for awards in a number of contests, and her second book, Sex and The Single Earl, won the prestigious Maggie Medallion for Best Historical Romance. Her current series, The Renegade Royals is a national bestseller. Vanessa also writes USA Today bestselling contemporary romance with her husband, under the pen name of VK Sykes.

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Review of A Holiday Gamble by Jane Feather

I love this time of year, Christmas Novellas galore!!!!  This is one of the best of the season so far.  Jane Feather writes a sophisticated plot with wonderful characters.  Her prose is beautifully moving, witty and very sensual. The hero Ned has to take refuge on Christmas Eve at an estate where the inhabitants are having a house party that is debauched and unruly. The heroine Georgiana is a virtual prisoner, ward to a distant cousin who wants her to marry a nasty villian to get at her inheritance.  What follows is a clever story has lots of surprises.  This one is worth the price.  Do not miss it.

ARC Review of Never Judge a Lady by her Cover by Sarah Maclean

This is the fourth book in The Rules of Scoundrels series and it was as good as the first three.  The identity of Chase the secret partner of The Fallen Angel is finally revealed and you will never guess who it is!!!  I do not write spoilers in my reviews, all I can say is that if you have not read the first three books in the series, you will never guess.  I read them and I was still surprised!!!  The hero Duncan West is a silent partner in The Fallen Angel and is a reporter and newspaper owner who has helped the owners of the hell in the past.  Georgiana Pearson is the sister of the Duke of Leighton who was the hero in "Eleven Scandals To Start To Win A Duke's Heart", ruined and exiled when she was young, she reenters society to find a husband to lend her respectability and to give her bastard daughter a better life.  Georgiana is a strong, intelligent, beautiful women who has made herself a power to be reckoned with outside the Ton, but is still shunned within society.  Duncan and Georgiana both have secrets that if revealed could destruction to the people they love and even death.

Sarah writes a compelling, action packed story complete with a nasty villian, an intricate plot and a beautiful love story.  Just a little warning, if you are looking for an easy read that you don't have to think, this book is not for you.  Sarah's writing is sophisticated and riveting, you cannot put this book down.  I am a huge Sarah MacLean fan and I know if you read this book you will be too.

Recieved this book as a gift for an honest review.