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Review of The Earl's Complete Surrender by Sophie Barnes

Wonderful Book!!  Sophie knows how to write a truly suspenseful, action packed novel with truly authentic characters and a heart wrenching love story.  There are not many Historical Romance writers who can write an alluring and captivating story with such mystery and intruigue that blends so well with the love story of the two main characters.

James and Chloe are in two completely different places in their lives.  Chloe is recovering from six years in a marriage where her husband cheated on her and beat her when he was drinking.  He died in a duel over another man's wife.  She doesn't want anything to do with getting married again. She is on holiday with her family and just wants to enjoy her stay at Thorncilff.  James is there to do one thing only, find the book that will reveal the names of the traitors that killed his parents when he was 10 years old.  He is spy for the crown, a loner and wants nothing to do with love, marriage or having a family.  Then he meets Chloe and both their worlds are turned upside down.

This is truly a story of two people who find what they are least expecting and how it will change the way feel about each other and their futures.

I have read all of Sophie's books and have loved them all.  She is exceptional and you should never miss any of her books.

Review of Dukes Prefer Blondes by Loretta Chase

Another amazing book by Loretta Chase!!!

She makes me laugh out loud when I am reading.  Her wirting is so creative, intelligent and witty.  I loved the characters in this book.
Raven Radford is a barrister who serious, logical and just plain annoying most of the time. He has no time for society ladies in his world, he has enough to do without having to babysit a young lady. Clara is young lady who has decided that she is not going to live in the restiriced environment that she has been stuck in her whole life. She is independent, stubborn and going into places where she shouldn't be, and if her family finds out they would probably lock her away forever in the country.

When Clara goes to Raven for help, he knows if he doesn't help her someone else will.  He can protect her and hopefully keep her out of trouble and danger.  Raven doesn't want to want her but he does and tries to fight it. Clara is fascinated by him.

This is a wonderful story with humor, sexual tension, a couple who are made for each other. It also includes a couple of really nasty villians and a plot that will keep you riveted to the end.  If you have never read one of Loretta's books you are missing out on the best of Historical Romance today.

Review of One-Eyed Dukes are Wild by Megan Frampton

This the story of a scandalous young lady and a very staid and proper Duke.

We met Margaret in "Put Up Your Duke" , the younger sister of the heroine Isabella.

As this book opens, Margaret has caused a Scandal and is disowned by her parents and living on her own with a maid.  She is writing fiction for a publication, and helping woman less fortunate than herself. Her life is full and she is happy, enter the Duke
The Duke of Lasham is everything a Duke should be.  Responsible, well mannered, rich and unapproachable.  To put it in one word, he is dull, but he doesn't know how to be any other way.  He always does the right things; never realized there is a way to do things wrong or differently until the day he met Lady Margaret.  What would happen to him and his Dukedom if he could be a different person and still be the duke
Margaret is irreverent, bold, unapologetic about herself and the life she leads. She is a walking scandal and she is intruigued by the Duke even though he seems a little dull and slow.  When he is with her he feels alive and with purpose, something he has never felt before. She made him feel like a man, not just a Duke.
She realizes that being around him was making her happier than she has ever been.  But can they have a life together? He is as proper as they come and she is not.
Megan writes a incredibel story with wonderfully complex characters that you will love.  This is a about a man and a woman discovering what life is about and what is possible if they are together.
This is a must read for any historical romance fan. Megan really hit the target with this one.  Loved it!! Especially loved this Duke!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Virtual Book Tour for A Whisper of Desire by Bronwen Evans

Sensual heat melts the ice in the new Disgraced Lords novel from USA Today bestselling author Bronwen
Evans, as a marriage of convenience leads to delightful pleasure—and mortal danger.

Lady Marisa Hawkestone’s nightmare is just beginning when she wakes up naked, with no memory of
the night before, lying next to Maitland Spencer, the Duke of Lyttleton—a man so aloof and rational he’s
nicknamed “the Cold Duke.” A scandal ensues, in which Marisa’s beloved beau deserts her. As a
compromised woman, Marisa agrees to marry Maitland. But on her wedding night, Marisa discovers the
one place the duke shows emotion: in the bedroom, where the man positively scorches the sheets

Taught from a young age to take duty seriously, Maitland cannot understand his new wife’s demands on
his love and affection. Marisa’s hot-blooded spirit, however, does have its attractions—especially at
night. In retrospect, it seems quite silly that he didn’t marry sooner. But being one of the Libertine
Scholars requires constant vigilance, even more so when the enemy with a grudge against his closest
friends targets Marisa. Now Maitland must save the woman who sets his heart aflame—or die trying.


Maitland Spencer, the Duke of Lyttleton, had always simply been her older brother’s somewhat
handsome yet standoffish friend. He’d never shown an ounce of interest in her, or her in him. She
looked him over. “Are you ill?”

Perfectly arched eyebrows lowered into a frown. “I’m very well, and you?”

“I’m stunned, actually. You’re flirting with me.”

“I wasn’t flirting. I was merely stating a fact.”

Of course he was. Literal was his middle name. “Then perhaps you can unhand me, sir,” she said, looking
pointedly at his large hands still firmly holding her waist, “unless you do have intentions of flirting with me.”

To her dismay, he did not take his hands from her; instead, they tightened and pulled her close, and he
gently moved her into an alcove, away from prying eyes.

“What if I decided I did want to flirt with you? Perhaps even declare my suit? Don’t look surprised—you
are one of the most sought-after debutantes this season.”

“Has Sebastian put you up to this? There is no need for him to pester me. I know who I will marry; I’m
simply waiting for him to ask.”

Maitland’s eyes roamed her face, stopping at her lips. “A beauty such as you should not have to wait. I
would decline him on principle. What would you do if I got down on bended knee here and now?”

Heat flared over her skin. Flustered, she didn’t know how to reply. What had come over His Grace tonight?

“I suspect I would think you in your cups, Your Grace. In all the years I have known you, you’ve never
looked at me twice.”

He pressed closer. “That’s not true, little one. It would have been inappropriate for me to notice you
until I knew my mind. I find that tonight I know exactly what I want.”

His eyes flared with something she’d swear was heat. Perhaps their dance earlier had affected him as
much as it had affected her.

“I’m not for the wanting, so you can stop this silly flirtation.”

“I have no need to flirt, little one. When I want a woman she is left in no doubt as to my intentions.” His
mouth trailed up her neck until he reached her ear. He softly added, “And they rarely deny me.”

About Bron: 
USA Today bestselling author, Bronwen Evans grew up loving books. She writes both historical and contemporary sexy romances for the modern woman who likes intelligent, spirited heroines, and compassionate alpha heroes. Evans is a three-time winner of the RomCon Readers’ Crown and has been nominated for an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award. She lives in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand with her dogs Brandy and Duke.

Bronwen loves hearing from avid romance readers at 

You can keep up with Bronwen’s news by visiting her website 

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Review of Once Upon a Marquess by Courtney Milan

Another amazing story by Courtney Milan.  I have read all of her books and I always have a difficult time describing her books and why I love them so much. Her writing is on a level where few writers are, in my opinion.  Her writing is intelligent, her characters have a depth that you can feel.  Her plots are detailed and multi layered.  This is the first book in a new series and you meet lots of interesting people that will show up in the books to come.  The story in this first book is about old friends, trust, betrayal, redemption and most of all love.  I do not put spoilers in my reviews and I usually describe some of the story,  but this time I think you really need to read this book without any description from me.  Take my world for it, you will never regret buying a reading a Courtney Milan Historical Romance Novel.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Review of A Mackenzie Clan Gathering by Jennifer Ashley

I was so excited when I found this book on Amazon....another book where the main story plot was about my favorite Highlander Lord Ian Mackenzie.  I admit I read this book in one sitting.  Ian is the best of the Mackenzies!!!!  In this story, Ian and Beth have been married for 10 years and they have 3 children. All of the Mackenzies are gathering at Kilmorgan for Hart's birhday.  The plot is amazing, there is burglary, kidnapping and a love story that brought tears to my eyes.  I love Ian and Beth's story and this book continues their life as a couple and how their love has grown stronger and how Ian has become a better man.
If you love the Mackenzies like I do, do not miss this book.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Virtual Book Tour for The Match of the Century by Cathy Maxwell

In New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell’s glittering new series, wedding 
bells are ringing… until the return of a rake throws a bride’s plans— and heart—into a 

Every debutante aspires to snag a duke. Elin Morris just happens to have had one reserved
since birth. But postponements of her marriage to London’s most powerful peer give Elin time to
wonder how she will marry Gavin Baynton when she cannot forget his brother, Benedict.

Already exasperated at being yanked from the military to meet “family obligations,” now Ben
must suffer watching his arrogant sibling squire the only woman he has ever loved. Joining the
army saved Ben from sinking into bitterness, but seeing Elin again takes him back to the day
they surrendered to their intoxicating desire.

As the wedding draws near, Elin tries to push Ben far from her thoughts. When danger brings
them together, there is no denying their feelings. But can Elin choose love over duty…?

Link to follow Tour: marrying-duke-1-by.html

Goodreads Link: century?ac=1

Goodreads Series Link:

Buy Links:  Amazon | B & N | Google Play | iTunes | Kobo



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Author Info

New York Times Bestselling Author, Cathy Maxwell spends hours in front of her computer
pondering the question, “Why do people fall in love?” It remains for her the great mystery of life
and the secret to happiness. She lives in beautiful Virginia with children, horses, dogs, and cats.

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter |GoodReads





All of London, even down to the riffraff, already knew what the ball’s special announcement would be. There was no mystery, although the dowager Duchess of Baynton’s guests would feign surprise when the moment for the announcement arrived.

They called it the Match of the Century.

Her son, the duke of Baynton, London’s richest and unarguably most handsome gentleman, would announce his betrothal to the Miss Elin Morris, also known as Morris Heiress, thereby uniting two great fortunes and two magnificent adjoining country estates in Leicestershire along the River Trent.

And the reason everyone anticipated the “announcement” was because it was a well-known fact that Elin had been promised to the duke almost since the day of her birth. Yes, she had been presented at Court and had gone through the motions of a First Season but it had all been just a formality, a “show.” The duke was hers. She had Baynton, the epitome of a lordly lord, the Nonpareil.

“And I am not worthy of him,” Elin whispered, stopping the furious pacing she’d been at for the last ten minutes in an attempt to settle anxious nerves and a confused mind.

Her bedroom in her parent’s London house was fit for a princess. The India carpet in hues of blue was thick and soft beneath her stockinged feet. Her furniture was gilded in the opulent manner her parents preferred.

Back in Heartwood, the Morris family estate, which adjoined the Baynton’s family seat, the furniture in her room was simple and to her tastes. Here, her parents ruled. They were London creatures, darlings of society.

And Elin? Well, their only child preferred the quieter life at Heartwood. Of course, all that would change when she became Baynton’s duchess. He was too important to have his wife rusticate in the country.

She caught a glimpse of herself in her dressing table mirror, a lone figure in finely woven petticoats, her face pale beneath a mop of over-curly brown hair. Her dark eyes reflected her
agitation. They threatened to swallow her face.

“It’s not that I don’t want Baynton,” she attempted to explain to her image. “It is that I shouldn’t have him. Not without telling him--”

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Review of The Duke and Miss Christmas

The Duke and Miss Christmas is a lovely story about the sister of a Duke named Gwen and a Duke named Crispin.  If you have read the other books in the series you know who Crispin is.  He has a Rakehell reputation in London for his exploits when he was younger.  Gwen had a season in London and a Scoundrel broke her heart.  When she meets Crispin for the first time she thinks he is trying to make off with her younger sister and attacks him.  Crispin is helping the young lady onto his horse so he can get her to her home for medical attention when he is attacked from behind by a hoyden with a wicker basket.  Gwen does not want anything to do with this Duke and Crispin has decided he wants a kiss.  Therein follows the courtship with wonderful romance, laughter and lots of love.  This is a Beautiful novella that you read and love, I did!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Review of The Christmas Wager by Delilah Marvelle

Another amazing story by the talented and unique Delilah Marvelle.  A young lady who grew up in a Foundling Hospital all of sudden to now part of her dead mother's very rich family who she never knew she had.
Her first day at her uncle's home she meets an American Millionaire, and they are both intensely attracted to each other, but she is only 16 and her best friend is a gypsy who told her she would marry a duke.  He is determined to have her and is willing to wait until she is older and wants him as much as he needs her.  There are ghosts, a wager, a sexy American and a fiesty English Lady. This story takes place over a period of six years that makes it even more fun to read.  Great dialouge, witting repartee, laugh out loud moments and very erotic love scenes.  Loved this book from beginning to end.  An AWESOME Christmas present for anyone who loves an breathtaking Historical Romance novel.

Review of Christmas Enchantment by Patricia Rice

This is a perfect Chirstmas present for anyone who loves stories with magic,angels and happy endings.
Christmas Angel is the story of a two people who have known tragegy in their lives and are just trying to get through the season as best they can. They discover that even though they have different views on how to help themselves and the people of their small town they find love and a way to save the town.
Christmas Goose is about a widow is barely scraping by with two young girls to raise, but is too proud to ask for help. A member of the local Patron family comes home for the holidays, frustrated, angry and sad.. When he hears that his best friend who died had married and left a widow. He wants to help her but she is too proud to take charity. He sees a way to finally help someone and will do anything to make her accept his help and in the process they fall in love.
Tin Angel was my favorite. A man who has lost all faith in his government and just wants to be left alone. Unfortunately an Angel shows up and wants to help realize how much he has in his life. He names the angel Mary and they have conversations and he begins to understand how much he has in his life and how he can help others. Mix in a dying young lady and an agnel and Christmas could be saved and his soul healed.

Three love stories that will warm your heart and soul.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Virtual Book Tour for Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt

SHE'S TAKING CHARGEPrim, proper, and thrifty, Eve Dinwoody is all business when it comes to protecting her brother's investment. But when she agrees to control the purse strings of London's premier pleasure garden, Harte's Folly, she finds herself butting heads with an infuriating scoundrel who can't be controlled.

Bawdy and bold, Asa Makepeace doesn't have time for a penny-pinching prude like Eve. As the garden's larger-than-life owner, he's already dealing with self-centered sopranos and temperamental tenors. He's not about to let an aristocratic woman boss him around . . . no matter how enticing she is.

In spite of her lack of theatrical experience-and her fiery clashes with Asa-Eve is determined to turn Harte's Folly into a smashing success. But the harder she tries to manage the stubborn rake, the harder it is to ignore his seductive charm and raw magnetism. There's no denying the smoldering fire between them-and trying to put it out would be the greatest folly of all . . .
Buy the book!

    “What do you see when you look at me?”
   What did she see when she looked at him?
    Eve inhaled, trying and failing to tear her gaze from his.
    Mr. Harte sprawled across her dainty settee like a Viking marauder in a pillaged 
Christian church. His broad shoulders took up more than half the width, his arms lazily 
draped over the back. His scarlet coat was spread open, contrasting with the sedate gray-
blue of the cushions almost shockingly. One long leg was thrust straight before him, the 
other cocked open and resting on a booted heel. The pose made the apex of his thighs 
very . . . obvious . . . and even as she kept her eyes locked on his she could feel heat 
rising in her cheeks.
    What did she see?
    She saw violence and anger, kept under a control that was tenuous at best. She 
saw power and a strength that could hurt her—kill her—if he so chose. She saw the 
innate brutality that was, in larger or smaller part, in all men.
    She saw her most terrible fears.
    But—and this was the truly unprecedented part—she saw more in him. She saw 
temptation—her temptation—alluring and frightening at the same time, his virility so 
strong it was nearly a visible miasma in the space between them.
     She wanted him. Wanted that brash gaze, those long, muscled thighs, that 
mocking, insulting mouth, and the shoulders that went on forever, big and brawny and so
very, very male.
    This was madness—she knew that intellectually. She’d never wanted a man 
before—was in fact afraid of almost all men, let alone one so obviously, blatantly sexual.
    She took a breath, hoping that he couldn’t read all this from her gaze—and 
knowing it was a lost cause already.
    His heavy-lidded green eyes were far, far too perceptive.
    “I see . . .” She paused to lick suddenly dry lips. “I see that your hairline is nearly 
a perfect arc across the expanse of your forehead. That your eyebrows tilt ever so slightly 
up at the ends and that the right has a scar through it. I see that when you are solemn, the 
outer edges of your lips reach just to the midpoint of your eyes, but when you smile, they 
go beyond the corners. I see that your chin and jaw are almost in classical proportion and 
that a small white scar forms a comma on your chin just to the right of center.” She 
finally glanced away from him, breathing heavily, certain that she’d not thrown him off 
the track with her artist’s eye’s impressions. She inhaled again and ended, “I see every 
line of your face, every line’s intersection and how they relate. That is what I see when I 
look at you.” 
    “And is that all you see? Lines?” His voice was deep and amused.
    She chanced a peek.
    He still watched her, his gaze utterly unperturbed by her observations about his 
    No, she’d not fooled him at all.
    She licked her lips again, buying time. “I see,” she said carefully, cautiously, “a 
very self-possessed man.”
    “Self-possessed,” he drawled. “I’m not sure what that means, frankly. It sounds, 
just a bit, like a coward’s answer.”
    Her gaze flew to his, outraged.
    But before she could take him down a peg, he chuckled softly. “Tell me, Miss 
Dinwoody, would you like to know what I see when I look at you?”
    She shouldn’t. She really, really shouldn’t.
    “Yes,” she blurted, and then winced because she knew well enough what men
thought when they looked at her: ordinary, if they were charitable. Plain if they were not.
    She braced herself for mockery, but when she glanced again at him, his gaze was 
hot and hard. Certainly not gentle. Certainly not kind. But he wasn’t dismissing her, 
    He looked at her as if they were equals. As if he really saw her, a woman to his 
    “I see,” he said, his deep voice musing, “a woman afraid, but fighting her fears. A 
woman who carries herself like a queen. A woman who could rule us all, I suspect.”
    She gazed at him, her breath caught in her throat, afraid to exhale and break the 
    A corner of that wicked mouth tilted up. “And I see a woman who has a deep 
curiosity. Who wants to feel but is worried—of herself? Of others?” He shook his head. 
“I’m not sure.” He leaned forward slowly, destroying his pose, and she had to fight 
herself not to scoot her chair away from him. “But I think she has a fire banked within 
her. Maybe it’s only embers now, glowing in the dark, but if tinder were to be put to 
those embers . . .” He grinned slowly. Dangerously. “Oh, what a conflagration that would

About the author:
Elizabeth Hoyt is the New York Times bestselling author of over seventeen lush historical romances including the Maiden Lane series. Publishers Weekly has called her writing "mesmerizing." She also pens deliciously fun contemporary romances under the name Julia Harper. Elizabeth lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with three untrained dogs, a garden in constant need of weeding, and the long-suffering Mr. Hoyt.

The winters in Minnesota have been known to be long and cold and Elizabeth is always thrilled to receive reader mail. You can write to her at: P.O. Box 19495, Minneapolis, MN 55419 or email her at:

Connect with the author!

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Review of The Spinster's Guide to Scandalous Behavior by Jennifer McQuistion

This is the first book I have read by Jennifer and I enjoyed it very much. Lucy is a self proclaimed spinster who doesn't want to have the Season her mother is insisting on. When she thinks she will have to go thru with a Season, her eccentric Aunt dies and leaves her her cottage and land. She wants to go and check it out but her father and mother won't let her go, so she sneaks out and attempts to travel on her own. Thomas is a Marquess who want nothing to do with Society since the great scandal involving his younger sister. He left London for a small town which happens to be the same place where Lucy's aunt lived. When Lucy's father goes to settle his sister's estate Thomas offers to buy it and her father agrees. When Lucy finds out she writes to the person who wants to buy her legacy and tells him she isn't going to sell yet. He decides to go to meet her and talk her into selling. Their meeting does not go well and he leaves hoping she will change her mind. Then they run into each other at the train station and since she is not chaperoned, he feels responsible for her and won't leave her alone. As they spend more time together things start to change for both of them. Lucy has only ever wanted to someone to love her and not her dowry. There is the mystery of why Thomas would want a rundown cottage and land that is not good for much. He is hiding something and she wants to know what. The emotional journey that they take together is filled with adventure, discovery and a love that will heal and flourish.
Great romance by an artist who knows how to pull you into the story and keep you entertained through the whold book. Loved it,cannot wait for the next one.

Review of The Match of the Century by Cathy Maxwell

Another great romance from Cathy Maxwell. Ben and Elin have been friends since childhood, they both know that Elin was destined to marry Ben's older brother, heir to the dukedom. After one night of illicit passion, Ben disappears and Elin thinks that he did it to get back at his older brother. The next time he sees her it at the betrothal ball. He is there to confont his brother concerning his army career when tragedy strikes Elin's mother. She and her father return to the country to mourn her mother and she doesn't see Ben again for over a year. Elin is on her way to London to marry Ben's brother the duke when someone attempts to kill her, se escapes and guess who she runs into at a sleazy little tavern? Ben of couse and he needs to help her stay alive, get her to London and figure out who is trying to kill her and why.
As they spend more time together avoiding the killers while they are trying to get to London, something happens and they remember that they were still in love. Elin doesn't want to hurt her betrothed but she loves Ben. Will they find out why somone wants Elin dead and can they find a way to make up for all the lost years and be together forever?

This is a great action packed, emotionally beautiful story of love lost, danger and peril. Cathy writes wonderful characters mingled with a plot that is intiricate and entertaining. I have read all of ther books and have kept them all. There is a novella that precedes this novel that is about Elin's parents. It it called A Little Thing Called Love, which you should read also

Friday, November 20, 2015

Virtual Book Tour for No Groom at The Inn by Megan Frampton


In this Dukes Behaving Badly holiday novella, a young lady entertains a sudden proposal of marriage-to a man she’s only just met.

What does a lady do when a man she’s never seen before offers his hand in marriage? Lady Sophronia Bettesford doesn’t scream and run away. Instead, she accepts the shocking proposition. After all, what’s her other choice? To live with her cousin, caring for six children and a barnyard full of chickens?

James Archer has roamed the world, determined never to settle down. He’s faced danger and disaster…he fears nothing and no one except his mother and her matchmaking ways. So when ordered to attend a Christmastime house party filled with holiday cheer and simpering young misses, he produces a fiancĂ©e!

Sophronia and James vow to pretend to be in love for one month. But when they each promise to give each other a Christmas kiss it becomes clear that this pact made out of necessity might just be turning into love.

Buy Links: Amazon | B & N iTunes | Kobo

Author Info

Megan Frampton writes historical romance under her own name and romantic women’s fiction as Megan Caldwell. She likes the color black, gin, dark-haired British men, and huge earrings, not in that order. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and son.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
Excerpt #1
Sophronia gazed down into her glass of ale and repeated the word, even though she was only talking to herself. “Poultry.”
It didn’t sound any better the second time she said it, either.
The letter from her cousin had detailed all of the delights waiting for her when she arrived—taking care of her cousin’s six children (his wife had died, perhaps of exhaustion), overseeing the various village celebrations including, her cousin informed her with no little enthusiasm, the annual Tribute to the Hay, which was apparently the highlight of the year, and taking care of the chickens.
All twenty-seven of them.
Not to mention she would be arriving just before Christmas, which meant gifts and merriment and conviviality. Those weren’t bad things, of course, it was just that celebrating the season was just about the last thing she wanted to do.
Well, perhaps after taking care of the chickens.
The holidays used to be one of her favorite times of year—she and her father both loved playing holiday games, especially ones like Charades or Dictionary.
Even though he was the word expert in the family, eventually she had been able to fool him with her Dictionary definitions, and there was nothing so wonderful at seeing his dumbstruck expression when she revealed that no, he had not guessed the correct definition.
He was always so proud of her for that, for being able to keep up with him and his linguisticinterests.
And now nobody would care that she was inordinately clever at making up definitions for words she’d never heard of.
She gave herself a mental shake, since she’d promised not to become maudlin. Especially at this time of the year.
She glanced around the barroom she was sitting in, taking note of the other occupants. Like the inn itself, they were plain but tidy. Like she was, as well, even if her clothing had started out, many years ago, as grander than theirs.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ARC Review of Sweetest Scoundrel by ELizabeth Hoyt

Another beautiful, exciting addition to The Maiden Lane Series.  Not only do you get to read a wonderful book full of remarkable characters and a story that will keep you enthralled throughout the whole book, you also get a truly original fairy tale that runs throughout the book at the beginning of every charter.  That is one of the many reasons that I love Elizabeth Hoyt's writing.  She is truly a writer with a vivid imagination and a writes with a unique style and flair that is rather amazing.  The Maiden Lane Series is in my opinion one of the best ever in the Historical Romance Genre and I hope it goes on for a long time,  I will never get tired of reading about the hero's and heroines who live in Elizabeth's stories.  This story was an truly sensational in the scope of the two main protagonists..Eve and Asa...Eve is the sister of the villain in the previous Maiden Lane book and Asa is a member of the Makepeace family who has been a part of all the Maiden Lane Series.  They are raw, vulnerable, flawed individuals who find common ground together and defeat their personal demons together.  Also the language during the sex scenes are graphic and very hot!  I enjoyed this book very much and cannot wait for Val's and Bridget's story!!!  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Virtual Book Tour for The Duke's Temptation by Addie Jo Ryleigh

A Duke. A Runner. An Earl.
Three men, each born into different circumstances.
Each fighting to overcome their own adversity.
All striving to change their past.

Gabriel St. James, Duke of Wesbrook, desires any birthright other than being the son of a hideous man. Unfortunately, Gabe knows the exact moment he became like his father—a night that has haunted him for seven years. Resigned to his future, he is unprepared when his illegitimate—and more importantly unbeknown—young daughter appears on his London doorstep. With no one to care for her but him.

Lady Elizabeth Blakely has loved only one man—her brother’s longtime friend, Gabe St. James. Not even his rakish and, oftentimes, wicked behavior dissuades her. Yet it all seems hopeless as he continues to overlook the woman she has become.

When Elizabeth learns Gabe is in need of assistance with his daughter, she seizes the opportunity. Gabe, less than thrilled with the situation—mostly due to his fierce desire for his best friend’s sister—has no option but to concede. Besides, a more sinister threat lurks; someone is blackmailing Gabe with his darkest secret. Through it all, Gabe vows to resist Elizabeth, no matter how tempting.

Sometimes it's better to surrender . . .

The next morning Gabe found himself sitting at his cluttered desk once more.

But today was different. Today he couldn’t find his focus. Today visions distracted him.

Visions of a sweet, delectable, half-dressed woman perched on the very desk that now
held a layer of books, ledgers, and papers.

A grin arched his upper lip when he recalled the uproar the mess he and Elizabeth had left in the study had caused. Thinking the intruder had returned and rifled through the desk, Wilkes had awakened Gabe in a very controlled Wilkes-like state of distress. Gabe had had a evil of a time trying to explain how everything from the desk had come to be on the floor.

It amazed him that he’d kept the satisfied smirk off his face, knowing the real reason his study had been left in shambles. Either way, Wilkes must be losing his touch if he’d believed Gabe’s lack of organizational skills had resulted in piles of documents tipping over and sliding to he floor. It had sounded like pure rubbish. Thankfully, being the Duke of Wesbrook had benefits.

Not being questioned happened to be one of them.

Uncomfortable with someone other than himself or Phillip going through the papers, Gabe had rolled from bed, dressed, and retreated to the study before others caught sight of the mess.

After righting the papers, the hour was still early. Gabe had started going through the remaining reports. However, at his current rate, he’d never be done.

It was all Elizabeth’s fault.

Maybe not exactly her fault. His distraction was no one’s blame but his own, but like most things in his life, she was intricately attached to it.

Weary with staring at numbers and seeing nothing but gibberish, he shoved the ledger away. Yesterday might have been an aberration. Maybe he didn’t have what it took to be a responsible landowner.

Perhaps he should stay with what he knew . . . gambling, drinking, and pleasuring women.

Strike that, pleasuring a woman. One very singular woman.

But after telling her he couldn’t marry her, he’d be surprised if she ever allowed him to touch her again.

Except this was Elizabeth and when she loved something, she let nothing stand in her way. Something he was only now beginning to understand.

Nevertheless, for her own sake, he would do what was necessary to keep his lustful intent away from her. The last thing he needed was for her to become with child.

Addie Jo Ryleigh writes historical regency romances that feature rakish heroes and strong feisty heroines.
Addie Jo lives in the same cold winter and hot summer area of Minnesota where she was born and raised. And frankly, wouldn’t live anywhere else. Sharing in the raising of her three extremely rambunctious boys is her very understanding husband that so graciously enabled her to fulfill her dream of writing. Keeping Addie Jo company while she writes (besides her wonderfully loud children) is her yorkipoo, Bella, who is never far from Addie Jo’s side.

Addie Jo has always had a love and passion for romance books and became engrossed in historical romance (particularly Regency) soon after graduating from Lurlene McDaniel’s young adult books. Currently, Addie Jo reads any genre that has a great emotional story that keeps her reading into the early hours of the morning.

Addie Jo has a bachelor degree in accounting and is a financial coordinator when not driving her children around central Minnesota, cuddled up with a good book, or writing her next story.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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