Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review of The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy

Another Smythe-Smith Musical disaster is in the making.  Iris Smythe-Smith is playing the celllo while her sister Daisy is sawing away at the violin and the guests all look like they would rather be anywhere else, except for one gentlemen who has been staring at Iris thru the whole concert.  As soon as the concert is over Iris tries to escape as quickly as possible, but she gets trapped into being introduced to him. Sir Richard Kenworthy is looking for a wife and he has to find one quickly.  He calls on Iris and appears to be courting her.  She knows she is not beautiful or popular and wonders why, she suspects something is not right with him but doesn't know why.  Sir Richard knows Iris is intelligent and he has to get her to marry him quickly but cannot tell her why.  He compromises her and they have to marry.  On their trip to his home in Yorkshire he does not exercise his martial rights which confuses and hurts Iris. After arriving at her new home and Richard still hasn't made love to her she doesn't know why.  Richard has a secret and he plans on using Iris to make sure nobody ever finds out about but of course his plans go awry when he realizes that he loves Iris.  Julia Quinn is an amazing writer who makes you laugh, keeps you in suspense and always make you glad that you read her books.  Her characters are strong, intelligent and sometimes can be annoyingly stubborn, but you will still fall in love with them.  The plot moves at a great pace and before you know it you have read an awesome romance that is a keeper to read again and again.  Julia is one of my favorite authors and I always wait impatiently for her next one.

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