Saturday, January 17, 2015

If the Viscount Falls by Sabrina Jeffries

This book is classic Sabrina Jeffries. Great fast paced plot, mystery, and wonderfully complex characters. This is the fourth book in The Dukes Men series. Dominic is a strong, stubborn alpha male who takes charge and drives the heroine Jane nuts! They were engaged at one time and Dominic was cut out of his inheritance, so to save Jane from having to give up her way of life, he tricks her into breaking their engagement. Years later they meet again when Jane goes to him for help to find her cousin who has disappeared. Jane still loves Dom but she is still deeply hurt that he was not willing to believe that she would have stayed with him no matter the cirumstances. He is still the same arrogant, order giving man who thinks he knows what is right for her and she is determined to get him to understand that all he has to do is let her in to heart and they could live HEA. There is a lot of deep emotion in both and of them and it she knows that to have a chance at love he needs to trust her with his secrets. I enjoyed this book very much as I have everyone of Sabrina's books. It is full of emotion, angst and very beautiful sensual love scenes. Do not miss this one!

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