Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review of Captivated by His Kiss Box Set

The Duelist Seduction by Lauren Smith

I have read every Lauren Smith historical romance novel and have never been disappointed.  This short story is no exception.  I loved the way the book opens with a young woman disguised as a man about to participate in a duel with a very dangerous opponent.  Helen is trying to protect her foolish twin brother from his own folly.  He is an awful card player who keeps losing money they do not have.  She has taken care of him since their parents death and is always there to get him out of trouble.  This time she has gone too far but does not see any other alternative.  The man that her brother owes the money to is Gareth Fairfax.  He is a arrogant, rude, brooding man who has no patience for idiots and is tired of trying to recover his money in the traditional manner.  When he realizes that his opponent is a women he decides to get his revenge by making her come home with him and become his mistress.  After he has his fill of her, he will send her back to her brother disgraced.  Things do not turn out as planned, Helen has secretly been fascinated by Gareth for a long time and her determination and sweet nature confounds Gareth and he finds himself falling for her.  This is a very steamy romance story with Lauren Smith's wonderful plot twists, enthralling love scenes and tender emotions.  I loved this short story and adore the way Lauren lets her characters become the person they never thought they could be.  Do not miss this story, it is another great one from a fabulous amazing author.

The Christmas Knot by Barbara Monajem

Long lost love, a castle, a ghost,  a lost treasure make this story a exciting and wonderful read. This is the first book I have read by this author and I enjoyed it very much.  Her writing is very descriptive, lovely and the romance is captivating.  Her characters are believable and you cannot help hoping for their HAE.  I would recommend this book to anyone who appreciates a great love story.

Bride of Falcon by Collette Cameron

This is a great story of two strong people who have a second chance of love.  A young woman who refuses to marry because the man she loves left her years ago to make his fortune in India. He returns disfigured and still broke just in time to save her from a scandal. A misunderstanding occurs and now she has to find someone to marry within a fortnight.  He wants to marry her because he has always loved her but he is afraid that because of his injuries she won’t want him.  This is the first book I have read by Collette Cameron and it won’t be the last.  She writes with a wonderful lyrical style and the plot moves along at a great pace. There is a lot to this short story to like.  Do not miss it.

Christmas Wishes by Wendy Vella

First let me say that I have not read a book that made me feel the emotions I felt while reading this story for some time.  I laughed and cried.  I was captivated from the first paragraph and I cannot believe I have never read this author before.  This story has all the elements of a great historical romance.  An Alpha male hero who grew up with uncaring parents and has lived his life  as a rogue never feeling anything for anyone.  He is a rake who goes from women to women leaving them satisfied but never himself.  He has few friends and has never felt the loss until he meets a woman like no other.  Hero Appleby is a woman alone in the world.  Her parents are dead and her cousin takes over her father’s estate.  Her cousin is a lecherous pig who wants her in his bed and will not take no for an answer, so she runs to an old run down estate that was left to her in her fathers will.  

Hero then finds a purpose by taking in orphans to care for, the only problem is she has very little money to take care of them and the house is falling down around her ears.  

The story opens as Hero is pushing her way into the house of a rich nobleman, our hero, Max, Viscount Caruthers, who is nursing a hangover.  She is there to ask him for money to help the children in her care.  What follows is hysterically funny, sensually charged first meeting that takes them both by surprise.

Finding each other makes them reflect on their lives, their hearts, and changes them in profound ways.  Wendy’s writing is amazingly moving, the plot moves at a great pace and her characters are so full of life and surprises that I never wanted it to end.  I enjoyed this story so much that I went right to Amazon and bought three more of her books to read.  I am so glad I found Wendy’s writing and she will now be one of my go to authors.

Miss Watson’s First Scandal by Heather Boyd

A very sweet romance story.  David Hawke a london banker has come to Brighton to collect a debt for his bank from an old friend who cannot pay.  David has no choice but foreclose on his friends house if he can’t pay back the 3,000 pounds he owes the bank.  

Miss Abigail Watson has known David most of her life, they live next door to each other, but she only sees him once a year when he comes to Brighton for a week every year.  She has always liked him but she knows why he has come.  Her brother doesn’t have the money to pay the bank back and she must find a way to convince David that she will find a way to help her brother pay the loan back.  The more time that they spend together the closer they become and she realizes that she is falling in love with David and knows he will going back to London within the week.  She has to find out how he feels about her before he leaves because she knows that she might never see him again if her brother can’t come up with the money.  

I enjoyed this story, the characters were strong, the plot well written with lovely romance.

His Lordship's Vow by Cheryl Bolen

The story starts with Jane Featherstone assisting her beautiful cousin Lady Sarah prepare for her first ball. Lady Sarah is beautiful, sweet and rich. As they enter the ball Lady Sarah is swamped and Jane who seems to be invisible heads to the spinster seating area. Jane has had two seasons and no proposals.

She is not beautiful, but she is smart, level headed and has a good heart. Everybody likes her but no one has liked her enough to propose to her. So she lives with her elderly father, takes care of him and hosts his political dinners, which she enjoys very much. She would be a perfect wife for a politician.

Enter Lord Slade a newly minted Earl who has to marry an heiress to save his estate and dower his three young sisters. Lady Sarah has the requirements and she is sweet and beautiful. Lord Slade has an acquaintance with Jane and asks for her in wooing Sarah. Jane is secretly in love with Slade but she agrees to help him. To find out what happens next you have to read the book. This is a well written, lovely story with great characters and some truly wonderful moments. I enjoyed it very much.

To Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone by Bronwen Evans

A tale of love lost, sorrow, sacrifice, and revenge. Sbaine Fournier is back in England after a ten year absence to avenge the death of her parents by a monster disguised as a gentleman. When she was a young girl she fell in love with Marcus Danvers, the Marquis of Wolverstone and he with her. Suddenly Sabine elopes with an Italian Count and never tells Marcus why. Marcus has not been the same since Sabine betrayed him all those years ago and has never had a lasting relationship with any women, he doesn't trust them and refuses to even consider love. Marcus is so angry that the only way he will help Sabine is if she comes to his bed when her enemy is destroyed. This a great story about a second chance at love and redemption. Bronwen can write amazing steamy love scenes that will make you melt. The characters are likable, strong, smart and you root for them all the way. I loved this story and would read anything Bronwen writes.

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