Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review of Earls Just Want To Have Fun by Shana Galen

A great start to Shana's Covent Garden Cubs Series. I loved the way this book started with little Lady Elizabeth and what she thinks about, a unique insight into a five year old girl.  She is walking in the park with her nanny who becomes distracted and Lady Elizabeth is abuducted and never seen again.

Enter Marlowe, a 20 year old thief, pickpocket and a member of the Covent Garden Cubs run by a nasty villian by the name of Satin.  She is tough, cunning, and ruthless in protecting herself and the other cubs from Satin.  This is the only life she has ever known.  Then suddenly she is snatched off the street and taken to a mansion in Mayfair by two men and told that she is the Lady Elizabeth who disappeared 15 years ago.  She fights them but to no avail.  She is a prisoner until she can find a way to escape.

Sir Brook is an investigator who finds missing people and returns them to their family.  This night he borrows his brother's coach and his brother Dane decides to come along and see what his brother does.  Dane is an Earl who takes his responsibilities seriously and attends Parliament and helps defeat any bills to help the poor.  He thinks they are all criminals that are too lazy to work so they steal.

Then he meets Marlowe, who his brother thinks is Lady Elizabeth, and the sparks fly.  The way the author depicts the stark differences in the way that Marlowe has had to live and the way Dane has really shows how severly the classes were divided and isolated in Regency England. As Dane realizes how Marlowe has had to survive he realizes that he was wrong.  

I do not do spoilers in my reviews so you will have to read the book to find out whatp happens next. You will not be disappointed.  This book has everything you could ever want in an Historical Romance novel.  Shana Galen writes wonderful stores with heart wrenching emotion, action, laughter and best of all a memorable love story. 

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