Monday, February 2, 2015

Review of Temptation has Green Eyes by Lynne Connolly

This is he first book I have read by this author, after reading the first chapter, I went on Amazon and bought the beginning of this series called The Emperors of London.  Sophia is the daughter of a rich merchant who wants nothing more than to help her father with his business and be what she is a city girl.  Her father does business with the aristocracy and one particular nobleman is hardworking, honorable and takes his responsibilities for his estate and family seriously.  Max the Marquess of Deveraux has brought his family back from the brink of ruin and unlike his peers he is going to use every opportunity, including doing business with merchants and cits to save his legacy.  He enjoys the challenge of and risk of investing and making money.

Sophia's father wants her to marry Max to protect her and ensure her future.  Sophia has had a bad experience with a male member of Society and wants nothing to do with Max.  If Max does not marry Sophia he won't be able to keep doing business with her father.  He knows he has to marry someday and figures this is his best opportunity,  when he marries Sophia he will be the heir to her father's fortune and businesses.  He likes Sophia well enough and with his mother's help she will have no problems fitting into Society.  Sophia is given no choice and marries Max.  After a tension filled, unsatisfying wedding night Max goes on with his life and pretty much ignores Sophia.

Sophia discovers a secret about her father and investigates without letting Max know.  The secret could ruin her marriage to Max which she does not want because she likes him and thinks they could have a future and maybe love.

This is an interesting twist on the Jacobite story and could have actually happened since James Stuart did have illegitimate children.  I enjoyed the flow of the plot and the characters were strong, smart and the love scenes were very steamy and enjoyable!!!  I will be awaiting the next installment of the Emperors of London.

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