Sunday, April 26, 2015

ARC Review of The Duke and The Lady In Red by Lorraine Heath

This is my favorite book of all time by Lorraine Heath.  I do not even know who to start to tell you how amazing this book was.  The range of emotions that I have gone through reading this book were stunning.  There is a love between brother and sister that will make you cry like a baby, I did.  Rosalind is a wonderfully strong women who will do anything to keep her brother safe and has no problem breaking the law to do it.

The Duke of Avendale is a handsome rogue who only has time for women, wine and anything else he deems worth his attention.  He is arrogant, selfish and doesn't care what anyone thinks of him.  Until he spots a Lady in Red at a gaming hell and becomes obessed with having her.

As the story progresses they both realize that they have been missing out on some of lifes' essential moments and they grow to understand that to be truly happy you have to let other people into your life. And making other people happy helps you enjoy your life as well.

Avendale turns his life and home upside down to accomodate Rosalinds brother, and they both learn so much from each other.  You will really enjoy this part of the story, there is a surprise and such gut wrenching emotions that I cried alot.

The love story between Avendale and Rosalind is one for the ages and really shows how love can change your life and make you happier than you ever thought you could be.  I enjoyed this book so much, and know that anyone who loves Historical Romance will love it ot.

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