Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ARC Review of Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires by Sophie Barnes

The first in a new series, The Secrets at Thorncliff Manor, Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires is a lovely story of a young lady who makes a dreadful mistake and is willing to sacrifice herself in marriage to a nasty little man to save her family from scandal.  Sarah's family goes to Thorncliff Manor, a large estate that the widowed owner turned into a resort where the aristocrats go on holiday, to meet the man her father and stepmother insist that she marry.  Sarah is willing to go along with the plan because she has two younger sisters that still have not come out yet.  Then she meets Christopher at Thorncliff and everything starts to unravel.  They are instantly attracted to each other, but each has been burned in love before and are afraid to follow their hearts.  This is a wonderful love story with two stong characters and a great sub-story that I think will be the next book in the series.  Sarah's writing is beautifully lyrical and emotionally satisfying.  Do not miss this book.
Received ARC for honest Review.

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