Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ARC Review of A Scoundrel By Moonlight by Anna Campbell.

Love can overcome anything!!! That is one of the reasons I love Anna Campbells books. They are always true love Stories.  No matter what the characters go through, where they come from Anna always makes sure that you feel the love that the characters feel and the love that she herself puts into her writing. This story is a lesson in believing in yourself and making your own decisions no matter what everyone else says, and knowing that even though the obstacles that you are going to face are formiable, love will conquer all and making yourself and the people you love happy is all that matters.  You only live once and you cannot take in to account what other people will think.  Eleanor takes a position in the house of the man who she thinks seduced her sister who died trying to deliver his baby.  She is looking for proof but when she meets him, she finds that she likes him and he doesn't seem to be the heartless seducer that her sister described.  Leath knows there is something not quite right about his mother's new companion, and he doesn't trust her, but he is also attracted to her at the same time.  As they spend more time together they both find their suspiscions of each other disappearing are they become more attracted to each other.  It takes a villian and near death experience for both of them to realize their feelings for each other. As with all Anna's books, I read this one in one night and now have to wait forever for another book by her.  Anna is one of the best in the industry and you cannot miss this or any of her books.   

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