Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review of The Lady Plays Her Ace by Wendy Vella

This book is the story of a self made man and a Duke's daughter.  Ace Dillinger is an ex-prizefighter who has risen above his humble beginnings, investing his money wisely and forming business deals and lasting friendships with men like him from high society who know that to survive and thrive you have to invest in new industries and ideas.  Lady Althea Ryder is a stubborn, feisty, good hearted young lady who won't take no for an answer when she wants something.

They meet when Lady Althea talks her footman into taking her to a bare knuckle fight, where no lady should ever be.  Ace spots her and is furious that she has put herself in danger and knows he has to get her out of there before someone sees her and a full blown scandal occurs.

Lady Althea is fascinated by Ace, they have met before.  He is in business with friends of her brothers. She is determined to spend more time with him no matter the cost.  He know he is not good enough for her but cannot seem to stay away.  What follows is a journey of discovery for both of them.  Through scandals, life threatening perils and a love that could last a lifetime.  Wendy's writing is beautiful, lyrical, sensual and so addicting.  I loved this book and would recommend to everyone who loves a Historical Romance.

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