Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review of The Rake to Reveal Her By Julia Justiss

Great Book!!  I loved it!!  Julia Justiss knows how to tell a excellent story!!  The story is about a man who has just come back from war.  Dominic Ransleigh lost his arm and one of his eyes at Waterloo, and has retreated to one of his families estates to recover and be left alone.  He doesn't know what he is going to do with the rest of his life.  Before the war he bred stalions and steeple chase horses, but now with only one arm and reduced visibility, he cannot stay on the kind of horses he bred.

Theo Branwell is a the daughter of a soldier who died at Waterloo, she not only lost her father she also lost her fiance.  Her father left her with enough money for her to open a home and school for war ophans.  She is totally dedicated to her children and their cause, and will do anything to protect them.

They meet when Dominic gets thrown from his horse and Theo comes upon him walking her horse because her horse was spooked by a runaway stallion.  Which turns out to be Dominics horse.  She takes him and in one glance she knows he is a war veteran who has not recovered from his injuries mentally or physically.  What follows is Theo encouraging Dominic to live his life again and find a path that will make him happy. Little does she know the path Dominic decided to take.

This is the fourth book in a series, now I am going to have to go back and read the other three.  I really like Julia's writing sytle, keeps you turning the pages.

Received ARC for honest review.

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