Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review of The Truth About Cads and Dukes

This is the second book in A Rescued from Ruin Novel.  This series is about strong woman who help the man in their life recover from devastating illnesses or emotioinal turmoil.  The first book The Madness of Viscount Atherbourne was a wonderful read and this new one is just as good.  Jane Huxley is a plain Jane, as she calls herself.  She is short, with abundant curves.  In the season's she has been out, she has not attracted any suitors.  When Colin Lacey approaches her to help him recover an item that he says was stolen from him, being naive and trusting she agrees to help him.  Colin is in need of money so he has made a wager with his fellow reprobates.  Of course they are all there waiting for her when she makes her attempt for Colin.  She is humiliated when she finds out she is the object of a wager and that they are laughing at her and calling her fat and other nasty names.  

When word gets out about the bet, Jane is ruined and Colin is no where to be found.  In steps The Duke of Blackmore, Colin's older brother.  Jane does not like him, he arrogant, cold, insufferable, sanctimonious and tall!!!  Harrison insists that they marry, to save her reputation and his family's name.
Jane has not choice but she doesn't have to like it.  

As the story moves along Jane learns why Harrison is the way he is and Harrison gets to know Jane the way no one else has.  I do not give away the whole plot when I review a book.  Take my word for it, this book is worth the price!!!  Elisa's writing is wonderful, passionate, and a joy to read.  Her characters have great depth, her stories great twists and remarkable dialogue.  I hope there is another book to this series.  Maybe Colin will find the woman to make a man out of him!!!  

Received ARC for honest Review.

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