Friday, June 26, 2015

Review of Lord Gallant by Wendy Vella

A great beginning to a new series by Wendy Vella.  Lord Gallant is Nick, Earl of Attwood, one of the members of The Lords of Night, a group of noblemen who dedicate their lives to helping those most in need.  They keep their identities secret so there are no interference to what they need to accomplish. 

The night of the Holland Ball Nick is involved in a scandal with Grace, a young lady who doesn't go about in Society much and because of situation they are forced to marry.  Grace does not want to marry the Earl and tells him so.  Nick doesn't believe her, he thinks he was the victim of  a trap, but as a gentleman he has no choice.  He thinks his wife is a quiet spinster who has no idea how to act in Society, no idea how to dress and is just a plain, uninteresting young lady.  Little does he know that he all wrong about his new bride.  Grace is awkward and has no idea how to be married and what she is supposed to do.  All she wants is to go back to her cousin's house and help him with his work.  She will surprise Nick and herself as she comes into her own.

I really enjoyed this novella and wish it was longer.  Wendy knows how to tug on your heart strings.
Her books have beautiful love stores, plots that keep you guessing, and characters that you can love and understand what and how they feel.  This is the first of the series and I cannot wait for the next book.

Received this book in return for an honest review.

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