Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review of Three Proposals and a Scandal by Anna Campbell

First I would like to say to whoever came up with the idea of a Novella is not very nice.  I could read Anna Campbell all day and all night and never get tired of her writing.  The depth of feeling that instills in her characters is second to none.  Marianne and Elias are wonderfully complex and at the same time very simple in what they want out of life.  Elias wants Marianne because he cannot be happy without her.  Marianne has just been jilted and is very vulnerable.  Her father wants her to marry a man much older than herself and she is a dutiful daughter, or so she thought.  Her father also plants doubt in her mind and heart about Elias's motives, saying that he is only after her dowry, so she doesn't believe him when he says that he loves her and wants to marry her.  Elias is a man who is not afraid to show his feelings and he will not give up on trying to win Marianne.  This book is special from the first word to the last.   Anna knows how to a write beautiful and poignant love story combined with adventure, peril and very carnal and hot love scenes.  Anna can make me laugh and cry when I am reading her books and I am so truly immersed in the book that when I finish and have to return to the real world I wish I hadn't read the book so quickly.  Do not miss this book!!!

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