Sunday, August 16, 2015

ARC Review of Formidable Lord Quentin by Patricia Rice

Another amazing book from Patricia.  I have been reading her for a long time and always have really enjoyed her writing.  She keeps you entertained and eager for more.  Her writing is intelligent, the plot is intricate and sophisticated and her characters are complex and clever.  Isabell and Quent are two strong, stubborn people who think they are in control of their lives.  Their families are troublesome and out of control and Bell and Quent are the glue that holds their families together.  Bell  has no time for romance and love and does not want to give control of her life to a man, than a man comes along who she cannot resist.  Quent needs to keep his father from interfering in Bell's life while he tries to work his way into Bell's heart.  It is truly a captivating love story with complex problems and intelligent characters.  The sensual scenes are steamy and pertinent to the story.  If you have not read The Rebellious Sons series you are missing a great historical romance series.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sophisticated read.

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  1. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes interesting characters in an interesting tale. I've enjoyed every book in this series.