Sunday, August 30, 2015

ARC Review of The Rogue You Know By Shana Galen

I just loved this book.  The hero is not an aristocrat, but a thief just like the heroine in the first book in The Convent Garden Cub Series,  "Earls Just Want  To Have Fun".  That book is where we met Gideon who was a cub  and is now grown and is trying to get away the cruel and dangerous Beezle who runs the gang of cubs now.  Gideon wants out so he steals a necklace that he is supposed to bring to Beezle and tries to run, but he doesn't get far and has to hide out.  He climbs into a bedroom in a nice part of town where he meets our heroine, Susanna.  Susanna is a young lady who has been so strictly sheltered by her mother she is ready for an adventure and she is sure Gideon is just the person to give it to her.  She blackmails Gideon into taking her to see Vauxhall Gardens and that's how the adventure begins.  And what a great, hair raising, dangerous, suspenseful, lovely adventure it is.  Susanna turns out to be less of a lady than she thought she was and Gideon more of a Gentleman than anyone thought he was.  This is a captivating fast paced book that will keep you up all night until you reach the end with a smile on your face and anticipating the next book in the series.  Love Shana's books!!!!

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