Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Review of A Lady's Guide To Skirting Scandal by Kelly Bowen

I am so glad I found Kelly Bowen's books.  I enjoyed this short story very much.  Viola Hextall is typical young lady, ambitious, shallow and only interested in marrying into a title, preferably a Duke.
She is on a ship heading for America, sent by her brother to teach her a lesson and get her far away from the scandal she has created.

Mr Nathaniel Shaw is a surgeon on his way to America to start a new life.  He is going to travel west where few people had ever gone before.

At first they do not interact on the ship due to Viola's two dragon chaperone's, but Viola is bored silly and needs some distraction.  Nate thinks she is beautiful but from what he has observed she is just a shell with no substance to her.  When they finally talk to each other on the deck of the ship they both realize there is more there then they both thought.  They are attracted to each other and come to realize that their whole world is about to change.

Kelly is a wonderful writer who knows how to capture her readers attention.  I especially loved the way Nate talked to Viola as an equal and really understood what she needed. There is adventure, discovery, redemption and a captivating love story.  Her writing is sensual, funny and a joy to read.
I am so glad I found her and I will read anything with her name on it.

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