Friday, September 25, 2015

ARC Review of Falling Into Bed with a Duke by Lorraine Heath

Minerva Dodger is a young lady who has a huge dowry and no desire to be married for her money.  She is an independent, smart and frustrated.  She knows she will never marry because she thinks she is not attractive and men only court her for her dowry.  Why should she remain a virgin and miss out on discovering passion?  So she decides to visit an exclusive club where woman of her status can go and indulge their desires while remaining anonymous.  

Nicholas Lambert, The Duke of Ashebury is at the Nightingale looking for a woman for the night.   He chooses Minerva and the sexual tension is electric. They see each other more than once and the sex is amazing.  He wants to see her again but she refuses  share her identity with him.  He investigates and finds out who she is.  He has never been interested in marriage, he doesn’t want to let her go and the only way to keep her is to marry her.  Unfortunately he has found out that his finances are not as great as he thought and her dowry will help him.  He knows she is overly sensitive about her dowry and thinks that's the only reason men want her.

How does he court her and keep her from finding out about his financial situation.  

I have read all of Lorraine’s books and loved everyone of them.  She writes a beautiful love story with marvelous passion, great adventure, a plot that is intelligent and moves at a enjoyable pace.  This is the first in a new series called The Hellions of Havisham that includes beloved characters from her other books.  Anything Lorraine writes is worth the price!!!


  1. oh yes...I can't wait to read this one. I just love Heath as well. I can't wait to try this one out soon. Great review.

    1. I agree!!! Thanks for leaving a comment!!!

  2. Thanks for the review, I'm looking forward to reading this.