Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Review of The Duke and His Duchess and The Courtship by Grace Burrowes

This set of books were a joy to read.  The Courtship shows how Percy and Esther meet and fall in love and The Duke and His Duchess takes place after they are married with all the joys and sorrows that married couples deal with.  In the Courtship is was almost love at first sight for Percy and Esther.  They meet at a house party where she is the poor relation who is ridiculed by the other young ladies at the house party who are of higher rank and come from money.  Percy is with his younger brother Anthony who are both younger sons of a Duke and are pursued like foxes at a hunt by all the debutantes attending.  There are schemes, plots and traps a plenty at this particular house party, but Percy and Esther find their way and fall in love and go to their HAE. The Duke and His Duchess is the story of Percy and Esther after 5 years of marriage and 4 children, all boys.  His brother Anthony is married.  Percy's mother, the Duchess has passed away and his father the Duke is not doing well.  His older brother, the heir has never been well and is getting worse year by year.  Both Percy and Esther are feeling confused and unsure of each other.  Esther is  exhausted, stressed out and doesn’t feel she can talk to Percy anymore.  Percy feels he doesn’t understand her anymore and feels like he is losing her.  All the pressures of being parents and trying to keep their family members healthy and happy while being the same people the way they were when they were first married is not easy.  

The Courtship is a wonderful romance novel and The Duke and His Duchess is the continuing story that has such touching, stunning emotion that made me cry.  I know how Esther felt because I have had some of those same feelings in my life.  Grace writes such a remarkable story that you will never want it to end.

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