Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review of Seduced by a Lady's Heart by Christi Caldwell

Book 1 in the Lords of Honor Series

Seduced By a Lady’s Heart

Christi Caldwell is an amazing writer who knows how to tug at your heart strings.  I will admit that I cried while reading parts of this book.  Her characters are smart, strong, flawed and wonderful!

This is a story of a love that lasted through war, death, and despair.  The love of a woman that restored a man’s faith in the world and in their love.  Redemption and the celebration of life when you realize that living in the past is not really living.  

Christi is now one of my favorite Historical Romance Writers and I am adding all of her previous books to my to read list.  If you love a a beautful love story this book is for you.  Do not miss it!!!

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