Thursday, October 1, 2015

ARC Review of Good Earl Gone Bad by Manda Collins

This is the second book in the Lords of Anarchy Series.  I love reading books in a Series, because you get to catch up on what is going on with characters from the previous books and meet new ones that you will love just as much!!!

You will love Hermione and Jasper. !!

Manda has done it again!!!  Another wonderful love story with lots of  plot twists, mystery, suspense and amazing characters.  Her writing is a joy to read because her style flows so well, there is no awkward breaks or unnessary clutter in her books.  Her characters joys, sorrows and flaws make them remarkable individuals whose stories make you want to read them over and over again,

If you love awesome Historical Romance, do not miss this book by Manda Collins.  If you missed the first one in The Lord of Anarchy Series it is called A Good Rake is Hard to Find.   I cannot wait for the next one in the Series which I hope will feature The Duke of Trent and Ophelia!!!

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