Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review of Daniel's True Desire by Grace Burrowes

Daniel is a Vicar who has lost his way.  His wife is a greedy shrew who has caused him to have to leave his present living.  The young boy he raised and loved with all his heart is now back with his sister, who is his real mother.  He decides to give himself and new start and travel to Haddonfield to take over the living there. The first person he meets is Lady Kirsten.  A no nonsense young lady who says what she wants and holds nothing back. As a result she is unmarried and living with her brother, the Earl of Bellefonte who is Daniel's new Patron.  Daniel and Kirsten are so different in temperament.  Daniel is sweet, a truly nice person who has been betrayed by his wife and Kirsten is instantly drawn to him by his sense of sadness.  She comes from a loving family and only wants Daniel to have what she has.  A family that loves each other and together can overcome heartache, and betrayal.  The attraction for them is instant, but Daniel is married.  The romance between them moves at a slower pace because of this.  

This is a beautifully constructed story that has so many layers that are fascinating to watch unfold.  Grace's style of writing is alluring in that she draws you into the story with her detailed settings, amazing characters and lovely romance.  I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any reader who loves truly wonderful love stories.

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