Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review of The Match of the Century by Cathy Maxwell

Another great romance from Cathy Maxwell. Ben and Elin have been friends since childhood, they both know that Elin was destined to marry Ben's older brother, heir to the dukedom. After one night of illicit passion, Ben disappears and Elin thinks that he did it to get back at his older brother. The next time he sees her it at the betrothal ball. He is there to confont his brother concerning his army career when tragedy strikes Elin's mother. She and her father return to the country to mourn her mother and she doesn't see Ben again for over a year. Elin is on her way to London to marry Ben's brother the duke when someone attempts to kill her, se escapes and guess who she runs into at a sleazy little tavern? Ben of couse and he needs to help her stay alive, get her to London and figure out who is trying to kill her and why.
As they spend more time together avoiding the killers while they are trying to get to London, something happens and they remember that they were still in love. Elin doesn't want to hurt her betrothed but she loves Ben. Will they find out why somone wants Elin dead and can they find a way to make up for all the lost years and be together forever?

This is a great action packed, emotionally beautiful story of love lost, danger and peril. Cathy writes wonderful characters mingled with a plot that is intiricate and entertaining. I have read all of ther books and have kept them all. There is a novella that precedes this novel that is about Elin's parents. It it called A Little Thing Called Love, which you should read also

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