Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review of NO GROOM AT THE INN by Megan Frampton

Book 2.5 in the Dukes Behaving Badly Series is a winner!!  Two people who have views and desires that are not remotely the same, encounter each other a an Inn.  Sophronia is an impoverished daughter of an Earl who is on her way to her widowed cousin to take care of his six children and his twenty seven chickens.
Jamie is a gentleman who has had a compulsive need to never stay in one place for any length of time.  He has felt this restlessness since he was a young boy and he sees no end in sight.  It is just weeks to Christmas and his mother wants him to accompany her to a house party for Christmas, where he is certain there will several young ladies of marriageable age  He doesn't want to hurt his mother's feelings so he agrees to go but only if he can bring his betrothed.  The problem is he doesn't really have a fiancee.  When he spots Sophronia at a Inn he walks up to her and asks her to marry him.

Sophronia is shocked to say the least. This tall, very good looking man that she doesn't know and has never seen before just asked her to marry him.  When he explains his reasons, she agrees with some conditions of her own.  She will pretend to be his fiancee for the house party and when the two weeks are over he will buy her a cottage somewhere so she doesn't have to take care of her cousin's children and chickens.

As the house party progresses they find themselves attracted to each other and as they get to know each other they find that they like each other even though he doesn't want to stay in one place and she just wants to belong somewhere.  He realizes that she has a calming effect on him that he has never felt before.  They both realize how lonely they have been so far in their lives.

Can she fill the place in his restless soul and can he finally make her feel like she belongs?

Megan writes a beautiful story about two people who are beautifully flawed, intelligent, funny, and special.
This book was  a joy to read and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.  I will read anything that Megan writes because I always feel satisfied after finishing one of her books.

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