Monday, December 28, 2015

Review of Dukes Prefer Blondes by Loretta Chase

Another amazing book by Loretta Chase!!!

She makes me laugh out loud when I am reading.  Her wirting is so creative, intelligent and witty.  I loved the characters in this book.
Raven Radford is a barrister who serious, logical and just plain annoying most of the time. He has no time for society ladies in his world, he has enough to do without having to babysit a young lady. Clara is young lady who has decided that she is not going to live in the restiriced environment that she has been stuck in her whole life. She is independent, stubborn and going into places where she shouldn't be, and if her family finds out they would probably lock her away forever in the country.

When Clara goes to Raven for help, he knows if he doesn't help her someone else will.  He can protect her and hopefully keep her out of trouble and danger.  Raven doesn't want to want her but he does and tries to fight it. Clara is fascinated by him.

This is a wonderful story with humor, sexual tension, a couple who are made for each other. It also includes a couple of really nasty villians and a plot that will keep you riveted to the end.  If you have never read one of Loretta's books you are missing out on the best of Historical Romance today.

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