Monday, December 28, 2015

Review of One-Eyed Dukes are Wild by Megan Frampton

This the story of a scandalous young lady and a very staid and proper Duke.

We met Margaret in "Put Up Your Duke" , the younger sister of the heroine Isabella.

As this book opens, Margaret has caused a Scandal and is disowned by her parents and living on her own with a maid.  She is writing fiction for a publication, and helping woman less fortunate than herself. Her life is full and she is happy, enter the Duke
The Duke of Lasham is everything a Duke should be.  Responsible, well mannered, rich and unapproachable.  To put it in one word, he is dull, but he doesn't know how to be any other way.  He always does the right things; never realized there is a way to do things wrong or differently until the day he met Lady Margaret.  What would happen to him and his Dukedom if he could be a different person and still be the duke
Margaret is irreverent, bold, unapologetic about herself and the life she leads. She is a walking scandal and she is intruigued by the Duke even though he seems a little dull and slow.  When he is with her he feels alive and with purpose, something he has never felt before. She made him feel like a man, not just a Duke.
She realizes that being around him was making her happier than she has ever been.  But can they have a life together? He is as proper as they come and she is not.
Megan writes a incredibel story with wonderfully complex characters that you will love.  This is a about a man and a woman discovering what life is about and what is possible if they are together.
This is a must read for any historical romance fan. Megan really hit the target with this one.  Loved it!! Especially loved this Duke!!!

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