Saturday, July 25, 2015

ARC Review of The Prince and I by Karen Hawkins

Oh My!!! Another amazing story from Karen Hawkins.  A different take on Robin Hood with the heroine Murian being Robin Hood and saving her people from starvation and tyranny from the villain who killed her husband and stole her home.  Max is a Prince of Oxenburg brought to Scotland by his grandmother for unknown reasons.  On their way to their destination, Max and his party are robbed by a self proclaimed Robin Hood.  Max suspects something is amiss but cannot put his finger on what is bothering him, except that he will find out who robbed them and make them pay.  Of course when he finds out it was Murian and her friends, one giant Scotsman and a bunch of widows he vows to help them take back what was taken from them.

What follows is a wonderful adventure with laughter, love and justice.  Murian and Max are intensely attracted to each other and cannot keep their hands to themselves.  I love Karen's plots, the dialogue is captivating, the characters intelligent, stubborn, strong and they have a moral core that is admirable.  I have been reading Karen's books from her first and can tell anyone reading this review and any and all of her books are keepers and you should read them all.  Her writing is magical and captures your interest and imagination and never lets go, even after you have finished her books.  Any book with her name on it is worth the price!!!!

Received ARC for an honest review.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ARC Review of Lady Emily's Exotic Journey by Lillian Marek

Lady Emily goes to Constantinople with her parents for an adventure and meets a Frenchman named Lucien Chambertin.  Lucien is different from the men back in London, he is not boring , predictable and not like everyone else.  He is exciting, witty, smart and likes her.  Lucien really likes Emily, she is also different than all the other society misses.   She is intelligent, doesn't simper and giggle and can converse on subjects other than the weather and fashion.  As the journey continues they go from friends to a couple in love.  Their is peril, treachery, courage and most of all love in this story of two people who had to go half way around the world to find each other.  I enjoyed this book and would recommend to historical romance readers.

Received an ARC for an honest review.