Thursday, August 20, 2015

ARC Review of What To Do With A Duke by Sally MacKenzie

This book has everything you can ask for, witty dialogue, an ancient curse, a mysterious cat, and a place called Loves Bridge.    Catherine is a lovely young lady who lives at the vicarage with her parents and seven of her nine siblings, who just want peace and quiet to write novels.  She has decided that she doesn't ever want to marry and plans on moving into the Spinster House.  The Spinster House is a cottage in the village that is part of a 200 year old curse  on the Dukes of Hart, the major landowner in the area. The current Duke of Hart, Marcus is required to make sure there is a Spinster living there and making sure the annunity for the Spinster is kept up so he has to travel to Loves Bridge.

So of course Marcus and Catherine are attracted to each other and the sexual tension is intense.

There is also another part of the curse that the Dukes of Hart have suffered for the past 200 years.
Every Duke since the 3rd Duke has married and died before his heir was born.  This Duke is determined not to get married and sire an heir until he absolutely has too because he believes the curse is real even though he is loney and longs for a wife and family.

A lovely, sometimes laugh out loud, sweet, sexy story with great characters and wonderful plot with plenty of twists and a mystery at the end.  Do Cat and Marcus get their HAE or not?  I loved this book as much as every other book that Sally has written.  There is a prequel book to this one called IN THE SPINSTERS BED.  You will enjoy Sally's books as much as I do.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ARC Review of Not Always A Saint by Mary Jo Putney

The Seventh Book in The Lost Lords series is amazing!!  Daniel is a Doctor and a Vicar who has just inherited a title and estates that he has no real interest in.  His sister, Laurel, who is the heroine in "Not Quite A Wife" suggests he go to London for the little season to find a wife.  Daniel is a honorable man who's passion is helping his fellow man not attending social functions, but he now has a responsibility to his tenants and his heritage to find a wife and take his place in the House of Lords.  He is worried that he will not have time to be a doctor.

Jessie is a woman with a past and recently a widow with a young daughter to protect from her dead husband's nephew, who is furious with the contents of his uncles will and feels he has been cheated.
The only way to protect her daughter is to go to London and find a husband with a title and influence to protect herself and her daughter.  Jessie has had a very troubled life and has many secrets that she will need to keep from her next husband.

So of course at the first event Daniel attends with his sister he sees Jessie.  He has never seen such a beautiful alluring woman like her and is immediately intruigued.  When they are introduced there is an instant spark that they both are aware of.  Daniel cannot stop thinking about Jessie and eventhough Jessie likes Daniel and is attracted to him, he is not the kind of husband she is looking for.  

Jessie tries to avoid him but it seems every where she goes, he is there.  They share a passionate kiss that shocks them both.  Daniel has never felt this kind of passion and wants Jessie badly.  He asks Jessie to marry him and she refuses.  She feels that she is not good enough for him.  

I do not do spoilers in my reviews, you have to read this book!!!  Mary Jo's writing is wonderfully descriptive, the plot moves at a great pace with lots of surprises and adventure.  Daniel and Jessie are admirable characters that you will love.  Her writing is intelligent and intricate and if you are looking for a sweet easy read this book may not be for you.  Her love scenes are stunning and are always appropriate to the story.  I have read all of her books and have kept them all and read them again and again.  This is a splendid love story with secrets, plenty of action and a great ending.  Do Not Miss This Book!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

ARC Review of Formidable Lord Quentin by Patricia Rice

Another amazing book from Patricia.  I have been reading her for a long time and always have really enjoyed her writing.  She keeps you entertained and eager for more.  Her writing is intelligent, the plot is intricate and sophisticated and her characters are complex and clever.  Isabell and Quent are two strong, stubborn people who think they are in control of their lives.  Their families are troublesome and out of control and Bell and Quent are the glue that holds their families together.  Bell  has no time for romance and love and does not want to give control of her life to a man, than a man comes along who she cannot resist.  Quent needs to keep his father from interfering in Bell's life while he tries to work his way into Bell's heart.  It is truly a captivating love story with complex problems and intelligent characters.  The sensual scenes are steamy and pertinent to the story.  If you have not read The Rebellious Sons series you are missing a great historical romance series.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sophisticated read.