Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review of What A Gentleman Wants by Caroline Linden

Caroline is one of a few select authors who when she releases an older book with a new cover, I am all over it.  This particular story was the first book I read by Caroline when it was released in September of 2006, and she became one of my favorite authors and all her books are keepers.  I love the way she writes, her characters are amazingly deep and captivating.  The interactions between Marcus and Hannah will make you smile, laugh and I admit it, tear up a little.  The secondary characters are also marvelous and add so much to the story and since this is the first book in the Reece Family you don't have to wait for the next two books, they are already released and available are your favorite book seller!!!  

This story is about a feisty, strong willed Vicar's widow with a little girl who is cruelly tricked by a gentleman who is recovering in her cottage from a carriage accident.  He marries her and takes her to London and drops her off at his house, or so she believes.  The next thing she knows is that a very rude Duke is knocking on her door and he looks almost exactly like her husband who has disappeared.  I do not do spoilers in my reviews but you have to know that the Marcus, the Duke is not as cold as he seems and he doesn't realize how empty his life was until he met Hannah.  This is a beautiful, captivating love story that will leave sighing with satisfaction.  Do not miss this book or any others that Caroline writes,  you won't regret it. 

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