Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review of The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne

The second book in the Victorian Rebel Series was an edge of your seat kind of read.  Christopher Argent was born and grew up in Newgate Prison .  He watched his mother sacrifice her body to the guards so that he could have a blanket or an extra piece of bread.  Until one night one of the cruelest guards let some vile male prisoners into their cell and raped, beat and cut his mother.  He held her dead bojdy and screamed all through the night calling for help that would never come.  That was the night that he lost his soul and vowed vengenance on all that had abused his mother.

Years later he is a assassin for hire.  He will kill anyone for a price and is ruthless.  He thinks of himself as an empty shell, a monster who has nothing and no one to care whether he lives or dies.  He accepts a contract ot kill an actress, he doesn;t know her and could care less why she has to die.  Millicent LeCour is an up and coming actress with a young son who is making her way in the world on her own.  When she first meets Christopher she thinks he is interested in her and there is something about him that fascinates her.  She accepts an inviatation to dance and then he leads her to a dark corner under a staircase to kill her and she thinks he is going to kiss her.  He is shocked to feel drawn to her and kisses her instead of strangling her.

This starts a journey that will test them both.  Millie is strong, determined and very protective of her son. Christopher cannot seem to kill her and makes a bargain to protect her from the person who wants her dead if she will have sex with him.

This book was amazing in so many ways.  Christopher is truly a man shaped by his experiences.  He doesn;t have friends or family and does not know what he is missing because he has never had anyone to care about him since his mother died.  Millie is hiding a secret that could get her and her son killed. This is truly a story about a love for the ages and a redemption of a man who was a victim of unspeakable violence and abuse. You have to read this book.  I admit I cried at the end, but oh was it worth it!!!

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