Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ARC Review of Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

It seems that we have been waiting forever for a new Historical Romance from Julia and it was worth the wait.  This book can be read as a stand alone Romance or you can think of it as a prequel to the awesome best selling Bridgerton Series.

This book is about Edmund Bridgerton’s older sister Billie and their neighbor George Rokesby.  Edmund Bridgerton is the father of Anthony Bridgerton from The Viscount Who Loved Me.

The Bridgertons and Rokesbys have been neighbors and friends for a long time and both families consider each other as such.  Billie is a hoyden who is more comfortable in breeches working with her father managing the estate and taking care of the tenants.  George is the heir and has to stay home and help his father when his younger brothers are helping defend England in their roles in the military.

George and Billie have known each other all their lives.  George thinks Billie is a pain in the arse and not remotely wife material. She has no boundaries and is always getting into all kinds of trouble which sometimes he gets caught in the middle of.  Billie thinks George is a stick in the mud and wouldn’t know how to have fun even it was right in front of him.

But are they really hiding feelings for each other that they are not even aware of?  Since I do not do spoilers in my reviews you are just going to have to read this book for yourself.

Julia Quinn is a master at Historical Romance.  I have read everything she has ever written and have saved everyone, they are all keepers. Her writing flows with emotions that pull you into the world she is writing about.  She is also a genius at making you laugh out loud and cry like a baby.  Her characters are amazing and the scope of their personalities is marvelous.

There is one more reason to read her Bridgerton Series of books...THE PALL MALL GAMES!!!

Received a complimentary copy from the publisher for an honest review.

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  1. Even if I didn't love Julia Quinn's books, I would have to read it for the Pall Mall games alone!!