Thursday, March 10, 2016

ARC Review of The Princess Wore Plaid by Karen Hawkins

What happens when a Princess loses her way and finds herself working as a maid at an Inn in England. Now add a stubborn Scot who was wounded in a battle and is now hiding out on his estate in the highlands.  

Princess Tatiana of Oxenburg is travelling to her cousins wedding when her carriage is attacked and she is separated from her people.  She winds up working as a maid at an inn that she stumbles upon.  The kind owners do not believe she is who she says but they take her in.  Lord Buchan only leaves his estate once a week to go the local inn because the owner's wife is a wonderful cook because his cook leaves much to be desired.   Tatiana is feisty and beautiful.  Buchan is in constant pain from a leg injury and is always grouchy and just wants to be left alone.  Until he meets Tatiana and the sparks fly!!

This novella is vintage Karen Hawkins, smart, sassy and a joy to read.  The dialogue is witty and sharp.  The characters are intelligent.  The plot original and sophisticated.  Even though this is a novella it has all the depth of a full length novel.  Karen just keeps getting better and we love the Oxenburg/Scotland continuing Series. Cannot wait for the next one!!!!

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