Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Review of Her Wicked Proposal by Lauren Smith

This one is my favorite of the League of Rogues Series....Cedric was my favorite from the first...Now that he is blind he thinks his life is over, no more doing the things he loves to do. Riding horses, gambling, woman are all the activities that were his life. Before he lost his sight one of the young ladies that he lusted after and pursued was Anne Chessley, but she always pushed him away. Now Anne has a marriage proposal for Cedric. Her father has died and she is now an heiress and is being besieged by fortune hunters she proposes a marriage that will benefit them both. But she is has a secret that will eventually come out, and how will Cedric react to it. Cedric's plan is to seduce Anne and keep her craving him and hopefully they will eventually find love together. Lauren writes a wonderful story with lots of surprises, her characters jump right off the page, and the sex scenes are very hot!!!! Do not miss any of the books in The League of Rogues Series!

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