Saturday, March 5, 2016

Review of Tempting Mr. Townsend by Anna Campbell

This is book 2 in The Dashing Widows Series.   Fenella is a widow who has shut herself away from life after her beloved husband died at Waterloo.  She has her precious son and she thinks that is all she needs.  She has never thought of remarrying because she loved her husband with all of her heart.  They knew each other since they were very young.  Now all she wants is shower all of her love to her son.  She has been alone for long that she has forgotten how to live and enjoy her life. 

Then one night a man bursts into her drawing room demanding to know where his ward is.  Mr. Anthony Townsend, a big muscular handsome man like she has never seen before and who is spitting mad!!  He is under the assumption that his ward and her son have run away from school and they are somewhere in her house.  She quickly sets him straight.  Somehow she is not afraid of him even though he is very large and angry. 

When he realizes the boys are not with her he bids her farewell and is about to leave to find the boys when she insists on going with him.  All his arguments are futile she is a stubborn lady and is determined to help find her son and his friend.

So begins the adventure.

Anna Campbell is an amazing, wonderful  writer who never fails to amaze me with her stories.  Her characters are so vivid and full of life, her plots are enthralling and you do not want to stop reading.  She is one of my favorite writers of all time and anything that she writes I will joyfully read.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

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  1. Jaci, I'm a huge Anna Campbell fan and love all her books. I've just finished reading this one and thoroughly enjoyed it.