Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ARC Review of Duke of Sin by Elizabeth Hoyt

Only Elizabeth Hoyt could turn a really bad villain from the Maiden Lane Series into a hero!  The Duke of Montgomery has been banished from England for attempting to kidnap a young lady, blackmailing everyone he can and just causing trouble with no regret or remorse.  He has no friends just enemies and he believes that he is superior to everyone including Royalty.

Mrs. Bridget Crumb is the Duke's housekeeper.  She is the illegitimate daughter of a Lady and a Footman who has had to make her own way in the world.  She has never actually met the Duke in person but she is a determined to be a great housekeeper.  She also has an ulterior motive, she is trying to help find something the Duke is using to blackmail her mother.

He doesn't know who Mrs. Crumb is but he is intrigued.  She isn't afraid of him.  She speaks her mind and she thinks he can change who his is and become a better man.  She doesn't see the evil that he believes exist in himself and doesn't want to change.

Spending time together changes both of them.  Bridget sees Valentine as a man who was raised in a abusive, sadistic environment that made him into the man he is today, who will kill without remorse.  Valentine has never met anyone who believed in him and does not know what to make of Bridget.  They begin a sexual relationship will shock and satisfy them both.

Elizabeth is an amazing writer who knows how to write a truly emotional story that will thrill you and leave you wishing for more.  She strips her characters to the bone and you see all their flaws and what makes them who they are.  I have read all of the Maiden Lane Books and I think this is going to be my favorite. Valentine is the kind of hero that you cheer for in the end because you know if he makes it out of his personal hell he will be a man who you can love for all time.  This was a truly stunning story that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

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  1. Jaci, I love this series and, although my favourite hero is still Charming Mickey, Val comes a close second along with Winter Makepeace. I will be so sad when this series finally ends. :(