Friday, May 6, 2016

Review of Winning Lord West by Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell's books evoke really satisfying emotions in her readers.  Speaking strictly as a fan girl of Anna's books, she is one of my top five favorite writers which says alot,  since I have been reading Historical Romance novels for 25 years.  I have never been disappointed after reading one of her books.  And this novella speaks for itself.  This is the third book in the Dashing Widows series.  I loved all three equally.

Helena is the most stubborn of the three widows.  Her dead husband was a real low life who made her life miserable.  She will never remarry and especially not Vernon Grange who was her first sweetheart and was the one who introduced her to her husband.

Vernon Grange, Lord West is in love with Helena and wants nothing more than to give her the fulfilling happy life she deserves.  Helena wants nothing to do with Lord West and she unfairly blames him for bringing her low life husband into her life.  Will she forgive him and let him back into her life or will she reject him without giving him a chance?

You also get to catch up with the other Widows and how happy they are in their marriages.  

Anna made me cry happy tears for Helena and Vernon and I highly recommend that you read this and the first two in the series...You can get them on Amazon for only 99 cents each.  Believe me when I tell you that is one of the best bargains ever!!!

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